Hack Week 2017: BombBomb Software Developers Let Loose

Last Updated March 28th, 2017

What do our software developers work on when they can work on anything they want? It’s time for you to find out!

BombBomb’s third annual Hack Week is in the books!

Meet some of the BombBomb team and take a look into our collective future with 9 presentations.

Then, as if you’re one of our own team members, vote for the project that’s the Most Fun, the Most Mind Blowing, and the Best Overall!

Read time: 7 minutes, 20 seconds
Video length: Each length is noted above each video.
Takeaway: See what our dev team makes when they can make anything.


BombBomb Hack Week 2017: The Introduction

Quick Take: Get the history and philosophy behind BombBomb Hack Week.

Watch this 3 minute, 8 second video to meet Patrick, a long-time BombBomber and our VP of Technology, and to hear him describe this Hack Week process and presentation.


“Some of the core infrastructure of BombBomb came out of the first Hack Week.”

“Hack Week is great because it gives developers the chance to throw a ‘Hail Mary’ pass with less baggage than they have in their day to day lives. So, it’s a fun week where they get to pick something that they might not be able to pull off, but boy it’d be cool if it landed.”

“Thank you all for letting us have the time to do this. I hope we repay you with exciting stuff that helps us grow and be more powerful.”



Hack Week Project 1: Penalty Box with Sven

Quick Take: A tool for the Customer Care team to better replicate customers’ experiences.

Watch this 5 minute, 37 second video to learn about the “little gray box” that Sven spent a week building … and how it helps our team help you more effectively.


Our Customer Care team is comprised of people that have administrative accounts with tools, features, privileges and effects that are unlike a standard customer account. Sven’s Penalty Box, allows them to experience temporarily and more closely monitor your specific experience to serve you better.

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, Sven



Hack Week Project 2: Can You Hear Me Now? with Tom

Quick Take: Make Siri send video email for you!

Watch this 3 minute, 1 second video to see Tom send a Happy Birthday video on command.


No need to open the BombBomb app in your browser. No need to open the BombBomb mobile app, either. Just follow a very basic semantic structure to have Siri send video emails for you!

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, Tom, iPhone, Siri, video email



Hack Week Project 3: Janus with Jeremiah

Quick Take: New camera tools for the iPhone app – start/stop recording in the same clip, switch cameras in the same clip, lay video over a changing photo sequence.

Watch this 4 minute, 40 second video to see new iPhone camera tricks.


Jeremiah hit his original goal – start and stop recording within the same video clip – on Monday. So he rolled in two additional innovations to iPhone mobile app videos – front to back camera switching and a video-over-photo-show feature that you’ve got to see.

UPDATE April 2017: Click here to see 2 of Jeremiah’s upgrades we released.

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, Jeremiah, iPhone app, video email



Hack Week Project 4: Bomb Sight with Don

Quick Take: A tool for real estate agents to track which homes have been seen by which clients and how they liked them and to predict likelihood of liking a new listing.

Watch this 2 minute, 27 second video to get introduced to a framework for a helpful real estate tool.


Don started with one of our primary customers in mind: the real estate agent. He created Bomb Sight to make it easier for realtors to track what listings they’ve shown clients, why the clients liked the listing, and even why the clients didn’t like the listing. The potential to source data from a variety of sources to inform a predictive tool is introduced here. As you show buyers new listings, enter them in and rate them. As new listings come available, Bomb Sight can help predict likelihood of your clients liking them.

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, Don, Bomb Sight, real estate agent, buyer leads, predictive



Hack Week Project 5: Skynet with Joel

Quick Take: Lessons from a week-long dive into machine learning.

Watch this 7 minute, 44 second video for an entertaining and informative look at Joel’s work with data and machine learning.


Clean and messy data. Human and computer decision making. Free trials who convert and don’t. Joel delivers a fun and fascinating walkthrough of models he built and trained.

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, Joel, Skynet, machine learning, data models



Hack Week Project 6: Hydra with Patrick

Quick Take: Global, multi-headed distribution of BombBomb hosting to improve speed, reliability, and redundancy.

Watch this 9 minute, 23 second video to see servers around the world melt down.


Though our system has redundancy built into it, increased geographic distribution serves us and serves our customers better. This project is several in one, including: global web application Hydra, global app deployment tool Gaia, and the traffic and load generator Mob.

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, Patrick, Hydra, Gaia, The Mob, global application, global distribution



Hack Week Project 7: BombBomb Plus for Android with Nate

Quick Take: Use your Android Wear as a remote control for the BombBomb Android app.

Watch this 1 minute, 42 second video to see a nice interface for a watch that triggers the smartphone.


Nate created a nice interface for the Android Wear that allows him to start and stop recording. Imagine setting your smartphone on a tripod, walking away from it, and creating clean, hands-free, mobile recordings of yourself.

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, Nate, Android, Android smartwatch, Samsung smartphone, Android app



Hack Week Project 8: [Untitled] with Jeremy

Quick Take: Smart switching of app delivery based on a “circuit breaker” and failure rates.

Watch this 6 minute, 56 second video to see Jeremy live demo his app switch.


Jeremy set up an error monitor that can switch sourcing back to a previous software deployment when it hits a defined error rate. Watch delivery change live in real time as he introduces bugs.

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, software bugs, errors, circuit breaker, app deployment, Jeremy



Hack Week Project 9: Bombboogle with Zech

Quick Take: Search for and find emails and videos in the BombBomb database.

Watch this 4 minute, 22 second video to see Zech search for content across BombBomb employee accounts in milliseconds.


Global search across all BombBomb accounts to quickly and easily find the things that people need and want. Zech took a step toward that and created a search engine capable of fuzzy search in milliseconds to find emails and videos in BombBomb employee accounts.

BombBomb, Hack Week, software, software company, software developer, dev, search, search engine, emails, video emails, videos, Zech


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