Guaranteed Ways to Get Video Plays: Tips, Tricks and More

Last Updated July 30th, 2019

“Why didn’t they play my video?”  You may be feeling a bit discouraged when you ask yourself this question about your video emails or YouTube uploads. It can also be frustrating when you work so hard to bring attention to your home or auto sales listings, but are struggling to get your video emails opened, generate video plays or stand out in the crowd.


And while these feelings are valid, the fact of the matter is you’re asking yourself the wrong question.

In our latest webinar, “Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Videos Played,” our CMO Steve Pacinelli says the right question to ask instead is “Why would or should they play my video?” This is because the question is being asked before the video is sent or uploaded, rather than after when it’s too late—bringing the focus back on customer value and empathy.

But before answering this, you need to know why video works. At the 6:20 mark, Steve explains that,

“Visibility is more important than ability. Visibility wins. Why? Because if you don’t have visibility, then you never get a chance to showcase your ability.”

So, how do you get this visibility with video? You need plays.


Guaranteed Ways to Get Video Plays

In this webinar, Steve talks about the philosophy, mechanics and tools behind getting people to click play on your videos, as well as his T.U.N.E.D. strategy for better thumbnails and animated previews. These ideas are not only applicable in your BombBomb videos, but to your videos in YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Check out the full webinar recorded embedded here. And scroll through the post for a helpful recap of the main ideas.


Create a video worth playing

There are three questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you’re creating a video worth playing in the first place.

Will I benefit from a video? Ask yourself if this video will benefit you and your business and help you generate more sales—whether that’s building trust and tighter connections with current and prospective clients or improving the way you communicate with them. You can find 10 times video beats text in chapter 6 of our “Rehumanize Your Business” book by Steve and BombBomb Chief Evangelist Ethan Beute.

Is my message valuable to the recipient? When making your video, make sure you are sharing a message that brings value to your recipients, and not just to yourself. This is easier to accomplish when you are sending one-to-one emails or to smaller, segmented contact lists. Steve explains, “The larger the group, the harder it is to stay relevant to that large group. It’s easier to be valuable and more personal when you do have a smaller group.”

Will video enhance their experience? And this won’t always be the case, especially if you are asking your consumers to do something. But it will in various circumstances, such as demos.

It’s important to note that each video sent or uploaded online teaches your recipients if they should bother playing your video or not. So, if you want to make a video that people will want to watch, Steve says,

“You need to make sure the video is welcomed, that the communication is valuable and you need someone’s attention.”


Your video structure matters

The elements that make up your video are important. They grab your viewers’ attention so they click play, and drive them to opening your video emails or tuning in to your YouTube channel. Our webinar breaks down the anatomy of an effective video email, as well as a successful YouTube or Facebook video for video plays.

Your video email should have a captivating subject line, complementary email body and engaging animated preview (which BombBomb creates for you). Steve details these components and more at minute 19:05 of the webinar.

video plays

YouTube videos will generate more views if they have a video title, description and interesting thumbnail. This is further explained in a post by our Content Marketing Manager Alli Tunell. Check out minute 23:00 of the webinar for a break-down of the anatomy of a thriving YouTube video, and attention-grabbing techniques—like recognizable faces and accompanying text—that will most likely get your videos recommended. video playsAccording to YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohen, Youtube’s recommendations drive 70% of what we view.

Facebook videos need text and an attention-grabbing introduction and overall content.

As you create your videos, make sure they encompass these elements for the various platforms you use. Play with the different components and use what works best for you to generate those video plays.


Take advantage of simple video tools at your disposal

Thumbnails are a critical tool for video, especially on YouTube. It’s one of the key things that gets you video plays in the endless library of videos online. To use them to your advantage it’s important to take these strategies into account both pre- and post-click.

Pre-click: Make sure your thumbnails or animated-previews showcase movement, a unique location of environment, exciting gestures and facial expressions, eye contact (or lack thereof), and good posture. This will make your video stand out, so someone will be more inclined to press play. Steve also recommends using Canva templates to make your YouTube thumbnails pop.

Post-click: Pay close attention to your vocal register, pitch, prosody, timbre, pace and volume. Make sure they match the tone of the messaging you are trying to convey, so that you get your point across effectively and people will want to continue watching your videos.

It’s also important to use a whiteboard or piece of paper with your recipient’s name on it or a personal detail people share (for large groups) when sending or uploading your video. The BombBomb screen recorder feature is also helpful to showcase websites, PDFs, whitepapers, books and more that are relevant to your message.


Get people to stay T.U.N.E.D. with our animated video preview framework

In minute 37:14 of the webinar, Steve explains the T.U.N.E.D method and how it benefits your animated previews to get more video plays and engagement. It works as follows:

Team: Get all of your team involved in your videos to show your recipients how invested you are in them as consumers. This shows them your business really cares about them, and that there is a team available to them ready to help them prosper.

Unexpected: Capture your viewers’ attention by incorporating the unexpected in your videos—whether that’s a unique change of scenery or active movement like walking down the street. This makes a difference. It serves as an escape from the traditional, and people like that.

Name: Address your sendee by name, not only in your subject line, but also at the beginning of your video using a whiteboard, piece of paper, or even LinkedIn page (using our screen recorder feature). This will show up in your animated preview, and instantly make your video so much more personal.

Emotion: Don’t be afraid to show a little humanity and showcase your emotions in your video. If you’re happy, show it. If you’re feeling apologetic, show that. Humans relate to other humans, so show your current and prospective clients that you are a genuine human.

Detail: Research your clients! And add in some details about them into your message. This shows them that they’re not just another number to you. You took the time to learn about their interests, and will do the same when it comes to finding them the best home or car for them and their families.

In the end, your message effectiveness depends on a combination of personalization, intention and expression. And all of the tips addressed in the webinar will help you accomplish this, and get more people to play your videos. It’s like Steve says,

“Ultimately, this all leads you to being seen, being heard and being understood, and this is what we want as human beings.”


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