Good Enough Video: Use the Right Frame of Reference

Last Updated July 31st, 2015

If you’ve ever recorded a video for an email, text message, or social post, then stopped and thought “this video isn’t good enough” – this post is for you.

You’re likely using the wrong frame of reference. Here’s why …

Through years of watching television and film, you’ve been trained that professional, high-end production is the standard.

Anything short of a television commercial doesn’t seem good enough. But in many cases, your point of comparison or frame of reference is wrong.


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Marketing vs Relationship

Comparing video for marketing with video for relationships is comparing apples and oranges. The former takes more time, money, and polish. The latter is simple, quick, and personal.

See a comparison table of these styles here.

So what’s the orange to simple videos for relationships?


Good Enough Video: The Right Frame of Reference


A Better Frame of Reference

Instead of comparing your simple video to a professional production, compare it to what it’s replacing.

The question isn’t “will this video win an award?” Instead, the question is “will this be better than a typed-out message?

Your frame of reference for a simple video is a written-out email or text message, not a television commercial.

Ask yourself this before sending your next message:
Will I communicate this message more effectively by writing it out or by explaining it face to face?

In many cases, the answer is “by explaining it face to face” through simple video.

For example …

  • If you’re not a truly excellent writer
  • If the written message would be more than two or three paragraphs
  • If you’re trying to make a personal connection or build relationship
  • If the subject matter is emotional (either positive or negative)
  • If what you wrote has potential to be misunderstood or misconstrued

I’m certain that you’re entrusting some of your most important messages to typed-out text, which is lacking in clarity and personality.

Simple video delivers all that rich, nonverbal communication that our brains are wired to receive from one another. It’s more complete and it’s distinctly you.

Don’t let “good enough video” be a hurdle for you.

Your video is good enough. Browse our blog for success stories based on webcam videos recorded in home offices and mobile videos recorded in parked cars.

NOTE: professionally produced video has its place and should absolutely be used everywhere it can deliver a return on your investment of time and money.


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