Gmail Video Replies: See and Hear Back from Your Contacts

March 8th, 2017

Gmail video replies! You can now see and hear back from your Gmail contacts by video, even if they’re not using BombBomb, Gmail, or Google Chrome.

We’re all about building trust and building relationships across the digital divide – about communicating face to face despite the time and distance that physically keep us apart from the people who matter most in our lives and businesses.

So, we make it easy to record and send video in a variety of ways. But it’s not just about sending.

We’ve also long allowed people to reply with video, even if they’re not BombBomb customers. In this way, you can send and receive more personal and human messages.

And while we’ve long offered this from your main BombBomb account, it’s now available for your Gmail video sends through our Google Chrome extension.

Learn how it works!

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Takeaway: How to get video replies to your Gmail video emails


Gmail Video Replies from Your Contacts

A new Gmail video feature!

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The BombBomb PowerWheel in Gmail gives you a new power through the “Reply with Video” button.

When you’re sending a video on a one-to-one basis, Reply with Video will automatically enable itself. You can disable it if you choose.

You can also enable tracking, scheduling, or a reminder before sending the Gmail video email.

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Receiving and Playing Your Gmail Video

When your contact receives your email, he or she opens it up, sees your smiling face in an animated preview, and clicks play.

Beneath your video: a Reply with Video button.

Gmail video, video email, video reply, video button, BombBomb


Recording the Video Reply

No matter what email client or internet browser he or she is using and no matter whether or not they use BombBomb, your contact can send you a video reply (they just need to have Flash enabled, which is exceedingly common).

When your contact clicks the Reply with Video button, BombBomb detects his or her webcam or smartphone camera to allow a video to be recorded and sent back to you.

Their steps are just like yours:

  • Click the red record button
  • Wait for the countdown and flash
  • Communicate with you face to face
  • Click to stop recording
  • Click “Send”

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Receiving the Video Reply

Your contact’s video reply comes back to you in your default email design.

It doesn’t come back as an in-line or in-thread reply, but rather as a new email with your original subject line … and your contact’s smiling face!

And the video is hosted in the Videos area of your main BombBomb account.

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Tips for Using Gmail Video Replies

Ask for the video reply.
When you’re sending a one-to-one video email from Gmail and you enable Reply with Video, mention that in the video. “Click the ‘Reply with Video’ button right below this video to share your thoughts” or similar.

Encourage the video reply.
“Instead of typing up your response, you can just click that ‘Reply with Video’ button and talk back to me through your webcam or smartphone. I find that it saves me time to talk rather than type.”

Know when a video reply is best.
You don’t need or want a video reply on every reply. If you need detailed or nuanced information, if you need top of mind thoughts, or if you want to use reply in the future (customer testimonial or success story, for example), be sure to enable Reply with Video and to speak to Reply with Video.


Getting Going with Gmail Video

This functionality is live right now.

All you need is Gmail (free), BombBomb (free for 2 weeks), and our Google Chrome extension (free, requires a BombBomb trial or customer account).

Click here to learn about sending video in any Gmail Compose or Reply window.

Click here to learn about tracking all your Gmail emails.

Click here to learn about scheduling your Gmail email sends.

Click here to learn about getting reminders for better follow up on your Gmail sends.

Click here to learn about saving and reusing canned responses in Gmail.



Gmail video, video email, Google Chrome, Chrome extension, BombBomb, video replies, reply with video



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