How to Set Up Gmail Tracking: BombBomb PowerWheel

Last Updated June 13th, 2016

We’ve long tracked your email opens and video plays on Gmail sends.

Now, with the new BombBomb PowerWheel, you get easier access to Gmail tracking, plus additional upgrades.

When you know exactly who’s opening your emails and playing your videos and exactly when they do it, you can follow up much more efficiently and effectively!


How to Set Up Gmail Tracking


Watch the video above to see all the new features of the BombBomb PowerWheel, including ways to set up Gmail tracking for all sends.

  • Add a video to your Gmail emails and we’ll track email opens and video plays.
  • Just send text and we’ll track the email open.
  • Click tracking off and we won’t track it at all.

Once you’ve got the BombBomb Chrome extension added and you’re logged in, the PowerWheel appears automatically in every Compose and Reply window. You can click and drag it around – move it wherever you’d like.


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Gmail Tracking: What’s New with PowerWheel

Before you send any email, you can keep tracking on or click to turn it off.

Tracking is always on by default in any Compose or Reply email. Clicking it off turns the Tracking circle on the PowerWheel a lighter gray.

You must keep tracking turned on if you want to use the Schedule or Remind features.

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When you activate Scheduling, Reminders, Videos, or Help/Feedback from the PowerWheel, you’re taken into a window that gives you access to all the other work areas. Here, too, you’ll find tracking to turn off or on.

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The gear icon in the lower left corner of that window gives you access to more Gmail tracking options.

  • Fly-in desktop notifications for email opens and video plays
  • Tracking action bar across the top of your inbox
  • Activity list panel on the right side of your inbox

See examples of the notifications by clicking here.

See the action bar and activity list in the video at the top of this post.

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See Gmail Tracking Across Platforms

When you use these Gmail tracking features, the email open and video play details can be shared in a variety of places and in a variety of ways.

Click here to learn more about all the places you can see your Gmail tracking, including your Gmail inbox, the BombBomb mobile app, your mobile lock screen, inside your BombBomb lists, and more.

You’ll also see the fly-in desktop notifications and activity panel that come with the BombBomb Chrome extension. Check it out.


More Benefits of BombBomb’s PowerWheel

Learn more about the other benefits behind the buttons on the PowerWheel.

Sending video in your Gmail emails (click)

Saving and sending canned responses to save time in your Gmail inbox (click)

Scheduling Gmail emails to be sent at any day or time in the future (click)

Getting reminders if your Gmail email isn’t opened by a specific time in the future (click)


Set Up Gmail Tracking – Free!

1. Get a BombBomb account. Click – 2 Week Free Trial with No Credit Card Required)

2. Get a Gmail account or Google Apps account. Click – It’s Free.

3. Get the Google Chrome internet browser. Click – It’s Free.

4. Get the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome. Click – It’s Free.

NOTE: to log in and use Tracking, Schedule, and Remind, your Gmail address must match the main email address on your BombBomb account.


It’s Not Just Gmail

The BombBomb extension for Google Chrome enables all these benefits in your Gmail inbox.

This is just one aspect of BombBomb. It’s a full and proper email marketing platform. You can run autoresponders, drip campaigns, and other automations with BombBomb. You can record and send from your iPhone or Android.

Try BombBomb free for 2 weeks to experience BombBomb in Gmail, mobile, and the main online platform.

Try BombBomb Free for 14 Days.



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