How to Set Up a Gmail Reminder: BombBomb PowerWheel

Last Updated June 13th, 2016

Did he get that important email? Did she take a look at the details you sent?

No need to wonder. Set up a Gmail reminder with the new BombBomb PowerWheel.

More efficient and more effective follow up from your Gmail inbox – just another way that BombBomb supports your prospecting, sales, and support efforts.


Set Up a Gmail Reminder with BombBomb


Watch the video above to learn about the Gmail Remind feature on the PowerWheel. Plus, see how easy it is to record and send videos in Gmail, track email opens and video plays, schedule emails and video emails to be sent at any day or time in the future, and much more!


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How to Set Up a Gmail Reminder

Remind is the function at the bottom of the PowerWheel. BombBomb will remind you with a fly-in desktop notification if your recipient has not yet opened your email at the day and time you prescribe.

Click that button and you’ll be presented with options for your reminder.

  • Never (default, don’t remind me)
  • 1 hour (remind me in an hour)
  • 1 day (remind me in 24 hours)
  • 1 week (remind me 7 days from now)
  • Custom (choose any day and time in the future)

With Custom, you can choose any half hour on the half hour – that day or on any day in the future. A click on Custom opens up the same calendar as Schedule.

If you’ve scheduled your email to be sent at a particular day or time in the future, your Custom reminder day and time must obviously come after the scheduled send.

If you’ve scheduled your email to be sent at a particular day or time in the future, your 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week reminder selection will apply relative to the scheduled time.

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After you make your Gmail reminder selection, close the window. Notice that the Remind button on the PowerWheel is darker, which means the reminder is turned on.

Change your mind? Just click the Remind button again and choose “Never.”

NOTE: Tracking has to be turned on to receive a Reminder.


3 Types of Reminders

When the time arrives, you’ll get a desktop notification anchored in blue (email opens and video plays fly in anchored in orange).

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And you’ll get the reminder in the Activity List (tracking panel) on the right side of your Gmail inbox.

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You can also get a push notification through the BombBomb mobile app for your iOS or Android devices.

Go into your BombBomb settings in Gmail to turn these settings on or off to change how you get your reminder.

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4 Steps to Gmail Reminders

1. Get BombBomb (free for 2 weeks).
2. Get Google Chrome (free).
3. Get Gmail or Google Apps (free).
4. Get the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome (free).

Try BombBomb Free for 14 Days.



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