Gmail Productivity Tip: Set a Reminder on Sales Opportunities

Last Updated March 10th, 2017

Gmail productivity tip: don’t let sales opportunities slip through the cracks or get buried in your inbox.

Set a reminder to bring any email back to the forefront with opportunity reminders.

See how easy and helpful this new feature to the BombBomb Google Chrome extension can be.

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Takeaway: Increase your inbox productivity by letting BombBomb remember and remind.


Gmail Productivity Tip: Let BombBomb Remember and Remind

Whether you’re using or a Google Apps domain, you can install and use BombBomb’s Google Chrome extension.

Video email. Tracking. Scheduling. Canned responses. Video replies.

This extension significantly powers up your Gmail inbox.

And now, in addition to non-open reminders, you can easily set opportunity reminders with it.


The non-open reminders are set at the time of send on the BombBomb Powerwheel. They let you know if an email or video email you sent from Gmail hasn’t been opened by a specific time you prescribe: one hour, one day, one week, or a custom time chosen off a calendar (today at 4pm, for example). [Click here to learn more]

The opportunity reminders can be set on any email or email thread in your inbox. They remind you to follow up on that email or email exchange at a specific time you prescribe: one hour, one day, one week, or a custom time chosen from the calendar (Friday morning at 10am, for example).


Setting Your Reminder To Increase Gmail Productivity

When you’ve selected any email in your inbox, hover over the little BombBomb icon at top center and click “Set Follow-up Reminder.”

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Then, choose when you want to be reminded. You have 3 default times and the opportunity to choose any day or time from a calendar by clicking “Custom.”

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Opportunity Reminder: Quick Screen Takeover

When your reminder time arrives, you’ll get a quick screen takeover as a reminder. You can click on the subject line of the email to go straight to that email.

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Opportunity Reminder: Gmail Tracking Feed

The reminder also appears in your tracking feed down the right side of the Gmail inbox. This panel can be opened and closed as desired. [Click here to learn more]

Soon, it will also feed into the mobile app tracking feed, too.

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Increase your Gmail Productivity

Don’t try to commit your opportunities to memory. Don’t let them get buried under 3 days of emails because you were out of the office.

Just select an email and set a reminder.

Let BombBomb remember and remind you of the opportunity, then follow up as desired.


Two More Time-Saving Tips for Gmail

1. Video

On average, we speak 4x faster than we type. And when we speak, we don’t have to worry ourselves with some of the spelling, grammar, and punctuation challenges that come with writing.

> Record and send videos in any Gmail Compose or Reply window


2. Snippets

Stop writing the same emails over and over. Stop recording the same videos again and again. Select and save any text block or text and image block, then insert it again into more emails in the future.

> Create and use canned responses in any Gmail email or video email


Three Things You Need to Get Started [Free]

1 A Gmail or Google Apps inbox [free]

2 A customer or trial account of BombBomb [free for 2 weeks]

3 The Google Chrome extension from BombBomb [free, requires customer or trial account to log in]

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