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Last Updated July 31st, 2020

We rely on email so often to connect with prospects, customers, and even coworkers. But what good is that if email isn’t the medium your recipients are engaging in?

What if instead, they’re communicating on LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, or via text message? If you want to reach out quickly and personally with people on their preferred platforms – whether it be social media, internal messaging platforms, CRMs, etc. –  there’s a tool for that.

With the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension, you can record, send, and share videos without ever having to leave the site you’re working on. These videos can be one-to-one video messages you create on the spot for each prospect…or an evergreen video (more on that in this post) that you’ve pre-recorded to introduce yourself to new leads on the platforms they use most.

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Check out the enhancements we just made to the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension in this article.

Keep reading or watch the video below to learn all about recording and sharing videos with the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension…

How to Record, Send, or Share Videos with the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension

1. Download Google Chrome

In order to use this tool, you need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer. If you don’t have it already, you can download the browser here.

2. Get the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension

Go to the Chrome Web Store, search for “BombBomb,” and click the “Add to Chrome” button to add the extension to your browser. After that, you’ll see a little BombBomb icon pop up next to your web address bar. Or click here to get the extension instantly.

3. Log In to BombBomb

Click on the icon, and when prompted, enter your BombBomb email and password to log in to the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension.

4. Record Your Video

Chrome Record | BombBomb

Once you’re logged in, click on the BombBomb extension icon again. In the screen that shows up, you’ll already be on the “Record” tab.

It will give you the option to select your camera. You can choose “Camera Only” to record with your webcam, or “Screen Recorder” to record yourself and your screen at the same time.

Once you decide on a camera, click “Launch Recorder.” A pop-up window will show up with the video recorder of your choice. Press the “Record” button and it will count down 3…2…1. Record your video and when you’re done, click the “Stop” button.

5. Finalize Your Video

Screen Shot 2020 07 30 at 12.56.55 PM | BombBomb

When you click the “Stop” button, a new window will appear, giving you the option to make finishing touches on your video.

Under “Video Title,” you can edit the title of the video to your choosing. You can also select your video thumbnail by clicking the “Thumbnail” button on the top left corner of your video.

To finish things off, you can add a Call-to-Action by clicking “Add a Call to Action Banner” at the bottom of your video. Press that, and you’ll be able to type in your custom CTA banner and link. Press “Save CTA” and it’s all set.

Then, press the “Save” button on the top right on your screen, and your video will automatically save to your BombBomb video library.

6. Send or Share Your Video

Upon saving your video, a new pop-up screen will appear displaying your animated preview (GIF), as well as send and share options. These options include: “Copy for Email,” “Copy Link,” and “Send with BombBomb Template.” Here’s how each one works…

Chrome Send Share | BombBomb

Copy for Email: This option copies the HTML code of your video so that you paste it in an email within a supported email service provider like Outlook or Apple Mail, or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. This is great if you have a CRM that is not yet integrated with BombBomb.

A clear indicator that HTML is supported is if your email provider or CRM allows you to insert a graphic, like a logo or a photo.

Copy Link: When you click this button, it will copy your video URL so that you can paste it in any web-based location. That means you can share your video link wherever you work – LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, Slack, and beyond.

In most of the platforms, when you share your video – whether it be in a post or private message – it will show your animated preview, increasing your chances of getting your video played.

Send with BombBomb Template: You’ll want to choose this option if you want to send your video with a branded template from your BombBomb account. Learn more about our video email templates in this post.

Once you press the button, a new tab will open in your browser to the BombBomb Quick Send feature. There, you’ll be able to add in your custom video email template and send your video to entire email lists.

Key BombBomb Google Chrome Extension Features

Videos Tab

The extension also allows you to access your entire BombBomb Video Library right in your browser, so you can send or share videos as needed. Simply click on the BombBomb icon to open the extension, then click on the “Videos” tab.

share videos

There you’ll see every video you have saved to your library. Just click on the video you’d like to send or share, and three options will appear: Send, Copy HTML, or Copy URL.

 With the “Send” option, you’ll be redirected to the BombBomb Quick Send feature to email your video.

 If you select, “Copy HTML,” the HTML code of your video is copied to your clipboard so you can paste it in an HTML-supported CRM or email service provider. Again, this is great if you’re wanting to send videos in Outlook or a CRM like HubSpot.

 If you click on “Copy URL,” your video link is copied to your clipboard. Then, you can paste it in anything from LinkedIn messages to your Facebook business page. You’ll be able to share your URL from Chrome in just a few clicks.

Tracking Tab

Want to know when someone plays your video? You’ll have insights right in your browser in the “Tracking” tab.

Open the extension, click “Tracking,” and you’ll see analytics on all your video plays. If your BombBomb account is connected to your Gmail inbox, you’ll see stats on email opens and clicks as well.

Chrome Tracking | BombBomb

Your video play statistics will show “Recent Watch’ and “Longest Watch” analytics showing the percentage watched of your video. If you emailed the video, it will also let you know who watched it.

You can also click on “View More Video Stats” to be redirected to a detailed BombBomb analytics page for each video. All of these insights will give you the information you need to follow up with prospects accordingly.

BombBomb Google Chrome Extension Best Practices

We’ve shown you exactly how to use the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension to record, send, and share videos. Now, how do you ensure your video is a success? Here are our recommended best practices:

Title Your Videos

Customize the titles of your videos, so that you have an idea of what the video was about. You can do this by following step five above. All it takes is a few seconds.

By titling your videos, you’ll be able to find them easily in your “Videos” tab, increasing your productivity and saving you time. This title will also help on the tracking side of things, so you know exactly which videos are being played at any given time.

Add Accompanying Text to Every Video

When you send a video in a LinkedIn or Facebook private message, or even on Slack, it’s important for your recipients to have some context. Otherwise, they’ll be hesitant to watch it, since it’s not something they were expecting.

Give them a teaser of what to expect in the video to entice them to press play.

Maximize the Potential of Your Prospects’ Platforms

The BombBomb Google Chrome Extension gives you the opportunity to share videos in the platforms your prospects use most. Use that to your advantage and focus on sending videos to people where they are most likely to engage.

For many, it’s LinkedIn. The social media network has endless potential for connecting with prospects via video. Read this article to learn ways to use video to prospect on LinkedIn.

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