5 Reasons to Send Videos in Social Media Messages

Last Updated February 9th, 2018

Did you know that phone calls go unanswered almost 90 percent of the time? In this day and age, you have to mix it up and use new tools to reach your prospects and clients most effectively.

Sending a video in your social media messages is a great way to initiate or sustain conversations! You can also create more engaging messages by using BombBomb Video in these popular messenger applications.


5 Reasons to use BombBomb Video in Messages


1 Sometimes You Don’t Have Their Email

Don’t miss out on an important relationship just because you don’t have an email. If you’re already connected with someone through LinkedIn or Facebook, you can easily send a personalized BombBomb video their way – without having their email address! You could even connect with them through Twitter or Instagram Messages if that’s the only contact info you have. For this, you can share the URL to your BombBomb video.


2 Facebook and LinkedIn Messages are Often Viewed as “Easier”

A lot of people view social media messages as “Easier” to take a look at. From the customer’s perspective, opting into an email newsletter takes more work than quickly opening up a Facebook Message. By putting a video in your message, it’ll be even more intriguing to the recipient. They don’t have to scroll through a message, they can just press play!


3 Not Everyone is Using Social Messages OR Video for Business

People are far more likely to receive marketing emails than they are marketing messages in social applications. Stand out from you competition and utilize Facebook or LinkedIn messages. By sending a BombBomb video you will help differentiate yourself from the competition even more. You can leave a lasting impression on potential clients by allowing them to see your face and hear your voice in a video.


People Tend to Respond Faster to a Message Than to an Email

According to Public Relations Tactics, “People grappling with a “high load” of 100 emails a day responded to less than five percent of them.” By sending videos through Messenger or LinkedIn, you’ll probably reach that person faster and you might reach them while they’re not distracted by other marketing messages. Instead of just reading an email and leaving it for later, your recipients will hopefully see your interesting video and respond right away!


5 Send the Video Directly from BombBomb

You don’t have to worry about switching back and forth between applications when sending a BombBomb Video through LinkedIn or Facebook!

For step-by-step instructions on sending a BombBomb video through Messenger, check out this blog post: Get More Responses by Sending Facebook Messenger Videos

For step-by-step instructions on sending a BombBomb video through LinkedIn Messages, check out this blog post: Send Better LinkedIn Messages – Easily Add a Video


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