Blending One-To-One and Evergreen Videos: 3 Tips to Close More Loans

September 14th, 2017

When you’re helping people with likely the largest financial commitment of their lives, your ability to build and strengthen trust in each relationship is crucial.

But how do you build trust, grow relationships, and keep each transaction moving in a business in which you simply can’t be in front of everyone all the time?

Rick Loveall of Citywide Home Loans in Long Beach, California does it by using evergreen videos throughout his entire marketing, sales, and service cycles. By “evergreen,” we mean that Rick recorded the video once and uses it over and over again as each new opportunity to use it arises.

From introductions, to educational tips and reminders, to one-to-one thank you videos, Rick blends evergreen with truly personal videos daily to connect with leads, foster client relationships, and build his business.

“When I do get those initial calls, many of which are internet-based, I’m able to win many times by sending those evergreen videos,” says Rick.

Watch as Rick breaks down his process that gets him connected personally. Learn the specific times he sends them. And see a few videos examples.

Read time: 2 minutes 45 seconds
Video length: 2 minutes 7 seconds
Takeaway: Video saves time and builds relationships even when you can’t be face to face.


Winning More Mortgage Business with One-To-One and Evergreen Videos


Warming Up Internet Leads with Evergreen videos

As with many mortgage professionals, Rick generates many of his opportunities online. To warm up this cold start at scale, Rick sends pre-recorded videos to introduce himself, put a face to his name, and set expectations with every lead.

In doing this through video, his customers get to know him more than they ever could through a typed-out email or text message. And he’s differentiating himself from any other lenders who may be reaching out to the same person.

Moreover, by creating evergreen videos, Rick can send his videos quickly and in some cases that send can be automated. By sending in a branded design with his contact information, he can refer to that information inside his video.

The context of the video’s arrival and specificity of the reason for reaching out makes it feel personal, even though Rick doesn’t explicitly say each person’s name.


Capturing Information with BombBomb Forms

Forms are something “we use on a daily basis. It is great. It’s fast, quick, and pre-done. We send them off immediately,” says Rick. Here’s an example (click the image to see his video) …


“When I send a video I always tell them to click down below, because I use forms.” Using a form allows you to get information from your clients quickly. You set it up once and use it over and over again. BombBomb will even alert you the moment a form is completed.

Rick uses a couple of different forms alongside his videos. One of these forms is a client questionnaire that’s redirected to his website. This gives him the opportunity to learn about the client, as well as gives his clients access to loan applications.

The second form that Rick sends to his clients (along with an evergreen video) is a list of items that he needs to help move the loan process along.

This accelerates the entire mortgage process. And makes his life easier because he only has to set it up once. He now uses the form and evergreen video repeatedly, to provides himself efficiency.


Video Reminders for Key Benchmarks

Throughout the entire loan process, there are many benchmarks that need to be hit to guarantee a successful closing.

Rick and his team send timely evergreen videos to let clients know that these benchmarks have happened.

“There are a series of nine videos that we use for every file. It helps me keep my face in front of the clients when we can’t always meet in person. We give them a phone call, followed up with a video, so that they know we’re staying in touch.”


Evergreen and One-to-One: A Perfect Combination

Evergreen videos are excellent for introductions, updates, frequently asked questions, and other communication that needs to be repeated over and over.

However, when you pair your evergreen videos with truly personal, custom, one-on-one videos, you’ve got a combination that helps you connect more effectively with clients, and provide a truly personal experience. Here are two examples …




Of course, there’s also a one-to-one / evergreen hybrid opportunity – a video you do record custom for each person, but it’s approximately the same video for each person with just one or two nuances. Your familiarity with the video message itself and the reason for sending adds an efficiency layer, while the custom elements make it truly personal.

When you have the time, personal is always a great choice.

A big thank you to Rick for sharing his story. We hope that you can apply some of his tips to your business.

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