Bringing Empathy Back to Cold Emails

Last Updated April 19th, 2021


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The last cold email you received was probably disengaging at best and annoying at worst. This is likely the reason why the average cold email response rate is 1%.

If you aren’t creating a customer experience (CX) with empathy for your customer, your cold outreach is going to feel … cold. Instead, you can create specific feelings and responses by being a bit warmer, more intentional, and more thoughtful.

Today on “The Customer Experience Podcast,” we have a guest, Jason Bay, who’s constantly working to master cold outreach by underlying every interaction with empathetic listening. What is the other person thinking and feeling? This question should be paramount in every sales professional’s playbook.

Jason is Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting, a company that brings the focus back on confidence in the sales process. He talked with me about the feelings that a cold email should elicit — not necessarily happiness or contentment, but curiosity, intrigue, and appreciation for being seen, heard, and understood.

Throughout this episode, Jason and I discuss…

Why customer experiences should be shaped by empathy
How to coach empathy with sales reps
How to support and enable more resourceful reps
What the intro, hook, and close should make prospects feel in sales interactions
How to approach the user experience (UX) of cold emails



Bringing Empathy Back to Cold Emails

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Video Highlights: Bringing Empathy Back to Cold Emails

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Jason Bay of Blissful Prospecting


1. CX and Empathy


2. Coaching Empathy


3. Supporting Resourceful Reps


4. Your Intro, Hook, and Close


5. The UX of Cold Email



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