How to Embed a Video in an Email (and Why You Should)

Acquiring new customers isn’t as simple as flipping a switch for your sales funnel to be live. As much as you’ve plotted out your customer’s path to action and considered every move, this won’t ensure high conversion rates, lower bounce rates, or sales increases. If you don’t already have a relationship, getting them on that path can be even more difficult. But establishing trust with face-to-face connection by learning how to embed a video in an email can change that. You see — when you send a plain-text email, your recipients have a hard time trusting that you aren’t digital pollution trying to crowd their inbox. Digital pollution is spam, bots, or persuasive tech that creates mistrust in who is behind a screen. By embedding video in email, you are taking a human-centered approach that shows you aren’t just another piece of tech vying for attention or data. Below are some proven reasons why video in email works, detailed ways to embed video in email, and more. Getting face to face builds the trust necessary to create meaningful relationships that lead to more (and better!) business. So let’s get started. Why Should You Embed Video in Email? Video email has … Continue reading How to Embed a Video in an Email (and Why You Should)