Email Tracking and Video Tracking in Gmail

Last Updated June 8th, 2015

If you’re using Gmail you can’t not use BombBomb. Yes, that’s a double negative. Yes, you should have BombBomb if you’re using Gmail.

Tracking in Gmail. Video sending from your inbox. Here’s more …


You’ve long been able to send videos from inside your Gmail inbox with BombBomb.

Now: email tracking and video tracking in Gmail, including live notifications and a running feed of opens and plays.

Everything you’re seeing here is above and beyond the main BombBomb web app and the BombBomb mobile app.

This is all unique and specific to your Gmail inbox and your Gmail sends.


Email Tracking and Video Tracking in Gmail


Email Tracking and Video Tracking Panel

When you install the Google Chrome extension from BombBomb, log into it with your BombBomb credentials, then go to Gmail … tracking!

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You’ll know exactly when your Gmail email sends get opened. In the screenshot below, you’ll see the Tracking feed down the right side. You can hide or expand that Tracking area in your inbox.

Of course, you’ve been able to record and send video from any Compose or Reply window with the pop-over video recorder. Now, you’ve also got a Send Video button (in the screenshot below in the upper left).

When you send videos in Gmail emails in any of these ways, your video plays will show up in your Tracking feed.

So: BombBomb is now tracks email opens and video plays for all email sends from your Gmail inbox.

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In the Gmail Inbox screenshot above:

  • Upper left: new Send Video button to open up the video recorder
  • Right side: new Tracking feed with email opens and video plays
  • Upper right: options for your BombBomb/Gmail experience (see below)


Options for Tracking in Gmail

In the upper right of your Gmail inbox, you can click “BombBomb” to control your options.

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In the BombBomb Options screenshot above:

  • Turn on Desktop Notifications for live alerts of opens and plays while you’re in Gmail.
  • Turn on Always Show Desktop Notifications for live alerts of opens and plays even when Gmail is closed.
  • Display the Action Bar to see the most recent email you’ve sent across the top of the inbox.
  • Display the Activity List for the Tracking area on the right (can be expanded or collapsed any time).
  • Turn on Track Emails Sent to enjoy all the tracking we’re talking about here.


Live Notifications of Email Opens and Video Plays

Desktop Notifications and Always Show Desktop Notifications will shoot in live alerts like those seen below for your email opens and video plays.

They’re great for quick follow up. You can video reply or email reply from the Tracking activity area with one click.

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How To Get Going with Video and Tracking in Gmail

All you need is Google Chrome (free), a Gmail account (free), a BombBomb account (or free trial), and the Google Chrome extension from BombBomb (free) …

Your Gmail inbox will never be the same! Nor will the quality and effectiveness of your communication.


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