Add Email Preheader Text: 30% Increase in Open Rates

Last Updated March 29th, 2016

Want an easy way to increase your open rates? Add email preheader text!

In this post, you’ll see some recent research results from MarketingExperiments and learn how to put it into play to improve your email marketing results.


RESEARCH: Email Preheader Text Tested

A couple weeks back, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content for MECLABS, published this post about email preheader text tested.

You can see all the detail at, but here’s a snapshot of the results:

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In the table above, you see the two variations of email preheader text and the corresponding open rates. In all cases, the subject line itself stayed the same.

What jumped out at me: Treatment 5, in which Scenario A was the leading preheader and Scenario B was no preheader.

The table displays the open rate for each Scenario and the increase in open rate of the winner over the loser.

To draw out how dramatic that 4.9% open rate increase in Treatment 5, I laid these stats into my own table.

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A 30% higher open rate. Simply by having preheader text. Directly or indirectly, achieving that result puts money in your pocket.

Beyond the increase in open rate, Scenario A (with preheader) also delivered a 17% higher click rate.

Of course, this is just one experiment with one brand and one community, but even a 5% or 10% lift in open or click rates is an accomplishment.

Again, you’ll find all the details and some helpful insights into preheader text in the original story.

Scroll down to learn how to put this into play to improve your email open rates.


IN BOMBBOMB: Where to Add Your Email Preheader

There are two ways to add an email preheader inside your BombBomb account. From “Emails,” click “New Email.”

Here’s where to add preheader text in the all-new Composer.

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Here’s where to add preheader text in the Editor.

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VIDEO: Subject Line & Email Preheader Tips

Watch any or all of this 6-minute video to get:

  • Subject line tips (right off the top)
  • A look at preheader text (about 2 minutes in)
  • 2 different ways to think about/use your preheader (at 3:45)
  • Overperforming & underperforming subject line keywords (at 4:45)


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