New Data: Email Personalization as Best Way to Improve Results

November 20th, 2017

More than social sharing. More than testing and optimization. More than meaningful calls to action.

Email personalization is the most effective tactic for improving your email marketing results, according to hundreds of marketing leaders and practitioners surveyed by Ascend2 and Research Partners.

This is just one of several interesting takeaways in the 2017 State of Email Marketing summary report.

In this quick post, learn more about this finding, how video can help deliver on it, and why you can’t afford to ignore the email channel.

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Video length: 4 minutes, 18 seconds
Takeaway: The best email tactic in terms of return on effort


Email Personalization: Best Way to Improve Results

This chart shows responses to two questions about email marketing tactics – which tactics are most effective and which are most difficult to implement.

Not only is email personalization the most effective, it’s also got the best return on effort with at 50:32 ratio of effectiveness to difficulty (an 18 point gap).

Notice that the other tactics are more evenly balanced or at a deficit in terms of effectiveness and difficulty. Also notice that, aside from mobile responsive design (which is done for you automatically in BombBomb), the difficulty range is 29-35% – so personalization is right in range.

The point: if you want better results from your email sends and you want to enjoy efficiencies in your efforts, personalization is your best bet.


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Email Marketing: Increasing Performance

Is working to improve your email worth the effort?

It’s not the newest. It’s not the sexiest. But email is still a top-performing marketing channel (for detail, watch the open to this webinar).

And, according to the leaders and practitioners surveyed, its performance continues to improve.

79% say that email marketing performance is increasing, with 44% say it’s “increasing significantly.”


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How To: Email Personalization and Performance


Watch the video above for ideas and examples related to personalizing your emails – including using video in email to connect more effectively and to provide a more personal, human, and remarkable experience.

Also learn a little about the methodology behind the 2017 State of Email Marketing summary report!


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