Why Your Email Needs One Clear Call to Action

Last Updated August 15th, 2016

One clear call to action. It’s the key to better email.

Before you make and send any email, 3 things should be clear to you.

If you’re clear on them, they’re going to be much more clear to each recipient. And you’ll get better email results.

The 3 things each recipient should know:

  • 1. Why he or she received the email.
  • 2. What opportunity you’re making available to him or her.
  • 3. How to take you up on that opportunity.


Your clear call to action is #3. It’s the step to take next.

Learn more about better emails through clear calls to action and see how easy it can be to drag and drop a call to action straight into your BombBomb emails and video emails.


Why Your Email Needs a Clear Call to Action

You’re busy. And so are your prospects, clients, team members, strategic partners, and all the other people who are directly and indirectly part of your success.

So make email easy for them. Make obvious for them why you’ve sent an email, what the opportunity is, and how to take advantage of that opportunity … with a clear call to action.

Potential calls to action:

  • Reply to this email
  • Give me a call or a text
  • Tell a family member, friend, or coworker about our product or service
  • Visit my website
  • Read this blog post
  • Visit this product or service landing page
  • Sign up for this webinar, event, or class
  • RSVP for this event
  • Visit this social profile
  • Share an online review
  • Download this guide
  • Check out our pricing
  • Click through this link (to do or see any of a variety of things)

What is the action you need or want them to take? What value, benefit, or outcome will receive if they do it?

Set it up in the subject line and preheader, reinforce it in the headline, bring it to life in a video, detail the opportunity and its value in the text, then offer a clear call to action.



How to Add a Call to Action to Your Email in BombBomb

As a communication channel and as a sales and marketing channel, email offers several benefits over other options, including that everyone has it and that it’s completely trackable.

Another benefit is that it’s great at routing traffic. It helps people get from here to there – on their phone or laptop and in their lives.

That clickable call to action (exceptions include the first 3 in the list above) takes your recipient from their inbox to the exact place they need to be to take you up on your offer.


Full Version: Deeper Philosophy and Strategy Included

This video runs 7 minutes and 18 seconds. It starts with philosophy, then goes into a BombBomb account.



Medium Version: See Dragging, Dropping, and Editing

This video runs 5 minutes and 45 seconds. It goes straight into a BombBomb account.



Quick Version: Screenshots and Short Video Clip

call to action, button, drag and drop, video email, email marketing, BombBomb


Drag and drop your call to action button from “Layout”

CTA, call to action, link click, email marketing, BombBomb, video email


Edit your call to action button with the “Button Settings”

editor, email editor, call to action, buttons, email marketing, email link, CTA, BombBomb


See it in Video

This video runs 2 minutes and 3 seconds. It only includes the initial drag and drop and basic editing of the call to action.




Clearer Email is Better Email

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