Email List Building: How We Grew Our Email List by 110% In One Year Using The Rocketship Technique

Last Updated March 1st, 2019

“Traffic you own is the BEST kind of traffic. It’s your email list or your followers, readers, customers, etc. I call this the traffic that I ‘own’ because I can send out an email, post a message to my followers, or make a blog post, and I will generate instant traffic.”
– Russell Brunson


In this article, we’re going to show you the email list building technique we used to grow our email list to over 260,000 contacts in one year. This email list building strategy is also responsible for helping us generate over $10 Million dollars in revenue.

The best part about this strategy is that it doesn’t require rocket science to implement the rocketship technique. All it requires is an understanding of your customer’s journey along your company’s sales cycle.

But, before we dive in, I want you to ask yourself: What business opportunities could open up if we grew our email list of customers and prospects over 100%? Could we create more deals and generate more revenue? Improve our relationships with customers? Sell a new product?

Think on that for a minute, and get excited. Because we’re about to help make that possibility a reality!

The Rocketship Technique

Last year, we sent 4,372,554 emails, grew our email list to over 260,000 people, and generated over $10 Million dollars in revenue from our email list. The Rocketship Technique was the core strategy behind this email marketing and email list building growth.

New Emails Contacts Graph

With The Rocketship Technique, you craft three unique offers to match where people may be on your sales cycle, and then focus on ONE traffic source to drive traffic to your offers. Think of the three offers as the legs on your rocket, and the traffic source as the fuel that takes your rocket into outer space.

Here’s how you can implement The Rocketship Technique.

How To Use “The Rocketship Technique”
to Grow Your Email List

Here’s an overview of The Rocketship Technique.

Step 1: Identify three offers that match your customer’s journey on the sales cycle.
Step 2: Identify the one (and only one) traffic source that you will focus on first.
Step 3: Create your three offers.
Step 4: Turn on the traffic.
Step 5: Engage your email list with automated email funnels.

Let’s dive into each step.

Step #1: Identify Three Offers that Match Your Customer’s Journey On The Sales Cycle

When a prospect becomes a customer, it’s kind of like a marriage. In marriage, there is the “getting to know you” phase, the dating phase, and then the engagement phase. All three phases work towards the ultimate goal of getting married. In business, “getting married” is when someone finally gives you money and becomes a paying customer.

Your sales cycle is the phases that people go through on their way to becoming a customer. The Rocketship Technique is all about meeting customers where they are at on this sales cycle.

Customer Journey

At BombBomb, we crafted three offers to match our customer’s journey:

  1. Real Estate Video Influencers (Lead Magnet)
  2. SIIA (Demo)
  3. Free Trials (Test Drive)

The first step in The Rocketship Technique is to identify three offers that match your customer’s journey on the sales cycle. What are the phases that customers go through on their way to becoming a customer? What are the phases your prospects are on right now?

Your sales cycle may look something like this:

  1. Researching phase: The person is curious about XYZ (something related to your product/service), so he/she is actively researching options.
  2. Show Me phase: I’ve researched and considered my options. Now, why should I choose you? Show me why.
  3. Test Drive phase: Looking to sign up / purchase a product real soon, seriously considering options.

To help you brainstorm ideas, here are a list of possible offers you could use:

  • Checklist
  • eBook or whitepaper
  • Spreadsheet
  • Free gift, book, or CD with shipping payment
  • Free audio or video training series
  • Case Study
  • Discount on first purchase
  • Free product training
  • Webinars

Step #2: Identify the one (and only one) traffic source that you will focus on first.

This part is going to feel hard, but it is essential.

When building your email list, it will be tempting to want to try and do every digital marketing tactic on the face of planet earth. Pinterest. Affiliate marketing. YouTube.

But focusing too much on the tactics (instead of your overall plan), will lead you into what Ramit Sethi calls “marketing tactical hell,”

“A lot of people will tell you, ‘You need to get affiliates. You need to do PPC. You need to get on social media.’ You need to do all this stuff. Jumping from one technique to the next puts you in what I call “Marketing Tactical Hell.” That’s when you waste your time on pointless tactical maneuvers that never move the needle in your business.”

In order to help you avoid this massive headache and waste of time, The Rocketship Technique requires you to focus on one traffic source for your three offers.

Here is a list of possible traffic sources:

  • Social Media
  • Google Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Facebook Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Live Events
  • Trade Shows

Pick one (and only one) of the above traffic sources for now. Once you crush it on one traffic source, you can expand into and focus on another.

Step #3: Create your three offers.

Now that we’ve strategized, it’s time to get our hands dirty and start creating our offers.

If you are creating digital offers (PDFs, checklists, eBooks, etc.) here are some tools that you might find useful:

  • Google Docs and Google Sheets
  • The Noun Project (icons)
  • (royalty free images)

You can put your offers behind a gateway, where people need to opt-in, in order to get their offer. What tool you use for this will depend on how your website ie setup. Some tools worth checking out include BombBomb Forms, OptinMonster, LeadPages, or Unbounce.

Step #4: Turn on the traffic

Once you’ve got your offers identified and created, and your landing pages ready to roll, it’s time to turn on the traffic.

At BombBomb, we chose to initially focus on Facebook advertising. The reason for this was because we knew our target market was there, and because we could really dial in and get specific with our targeting.

Every business will be different, depending on their industry and where their customers spend most of their time. Our advice: choose a traffic source where your customers are.

Step #5: Engage your email list with automated email funnels

Once you have started building your email list, it’s time to engage these people and nurture the relationships. For this, we’re going to need to identify what types of emails to send them, and we’re going to need an email marketing software to send the emails from.

Let’s look at the types of emails to send people, first.

  • Content Emails: Emails engineered to inform, educate, have fun, and engage your email list. The ultimate goal here is to grow your relationship with your email list and build trust, so that the people on your email list can’t wait to open every single email from you!
  • Sales Emails: Emails engineered to sell and convert, whether you are trying to get someone to attend a webinar or purchase your product.

When creating your emails, be sure to include these important elements:

  • Stories
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Illustrations and metaphors
  • Humor and personality (be yourself!)
  • Test designed templates vs. regular, plain text “Gmail style” emails, to see which ones your customers and subscribers open and engage with more.

Now, let’s talk about how to send emails automatically to your email list.

With BombBomb’s video email software, you can send text and video emails from your web browser, mobile phone, and/or inside Gmail and Outlook. You can setup automation funnels to automatically send out 2, 3, 4+ emails to your lists as you see fit. You can easily do screen recordings, use snippets to send, and get tracking and analytic insights into how people are engaging your emails (opens, clicks, etc.)

Test drive BombBomb yourself for 14 days, absolutely free. (No credit card required.)


With The Rocketship Technique, you have a proven email list building strategy that meets customers where they are at on the customer journey. You provide them with valuable information that is educational and useful, and builds your relationship (and credibility) with the person.

This is an email list building strategy, not just a random tactic. With this strategy, you can build out unique, custom email funnels for each offer to move prospects through the sales cycle into becoming customers.

If you found this post valuable, please share it with your friends by clicking one of the social media share icons alongside this post. If you’ve used this email list building strategy to grow your email, please leave us a comment below and let us know.

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