Set Your Email Design for Quick Send, Mobile, & Challenge

February 24th, 2015

Set your default email design once and have it applied automatically for your BombBomb Quick Send, mobile, and Challenge video sending. Here’s how …

In the video below, you’ll see how to set your default email design for your Quick Send and mobile videos. When you record and send a video with either tool, it will automatically go in that design.

New: this default choice now also applies to your real estate agent or broker Challenge. It can also be set from the “Options” in your Challenge.

Bonus: the video below also shows the basics of creating an email design that can be set as your Quick Send, mobile, and Challenge default.


How To Set Your Email Design


In short, when you have the Quick Send or Challenge open, click the “Options” link in the top right corner.

Choose an email design from the list on the left. Then, click “Save Settings as Default.”

Note: you can also turn on or off real-time alerts for email opens and video plays on these sends and save that as a default setting in the same place and in the same way.


Click “Options” in Quick Send or Challenge
video email, options, BombBomb, email design, alerts, analytics


Select your email design and real-time alert preferences and “Save Settings as Default.”
video email, email design, BombBomb, options, default, selection


Two things an email design needs to be on the list of choices …
video email, BombBomb, email design, mobile design, mobile video, video placeholder

All you need are 1) a video placeholder and 2) a mobile message variable data field.

The latter allows you to type in extra info and have it go into the email design with your video. If you don’t type anything, no text will go with it and the variable field disappears.

Beyond these two elements, it’s up to you! Style it up as much as you like then “save as template,” as shown in the video above.


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