Drip Email Example: Nurturing from Prospect to Customer

Last Updated December 28th, 2011


To help illustrate and educate about drip email marketing in BombBomb, we described two types of drips in a previous blog post: nurture and countdown.


Here: an example of a drip email campaign designed to nurture a prospect into a customer.


When someone signs up to try BombBomb free, we want to educate, encourage, and support him or her.

The end goal, obviously, is to nurture this person from being a new lead or prospect who’s using our software on a trial basis to being a full and proper BombBomb customer. It’s an acquisition campaign.


To accomplish this, we designed a series of emails to go out to him or her over the 14 days.  Many of you reading this have already experienced this drip email campaign.  Because of the number of people entering free trials with us every day, the ability to automate those emails into a drip campaign is incredibly helpful.


In 14 Days, 6 Emails Are Sent To Cover These Topics:


  • Welcome and introduction with personal contact information for support
  • Key features and integrations with other systems (mobile, Gmail, Salesforce, etc)
  • How other people are using video email to build relationships and grow their business
  • The incredible return on investment that email marketing continues to provide
  • Customer success stroy videos about the quality of our software and our service
  • Answers to frequently asked questions


Each email in the drip campaign includes a video from the BombBomb team member who’s personally handling his or her account.  We want each person to feel connected to us and to know that we’re here to help with any questions or problems they have getting up and running with BombBomb video email.


Additional Notes On This Nurture Campaign:


  • The trigger event that starts the drip for each person is the start of their free trial
  • The video in the drip emails adds a strong, personal touch and reinforces each email’s primary message
  • Phone calls complement the emails to reinforce our quality of service and our willingness and ability to help
  • Each email and video mentions the individual’s progress in the drip and free trial (“It’s Day 3” or “You’re half way through” or “It’s the final day”)





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