Drip Email Campaigns: Two Ways To Think About Them

Last Updated December 28th, 2011


We recently turned live our drip email marketing tool.  It allows you to build a series of emails to be sent automatically at specific times of your choosing. You can find it on a new tab in your BombBomb account (it’s called – as you might guess – Drips).


There are many ways to use drip emails – we’d love to hear your ideas, plans, and success stories.  Email us or tell us by Facebook or by Twitter.


The purpose of this post is to describe two ways to think about your drip email campaigns: Nurture style campaigns and Countdown style campaigns.


Defining these two types of campaigns and distinguishing between them seemed like a helpful way to welcome you into drip email.  They’re basic concepts that have one specific consequence in setting up your campaign in BombBomb.



Trigger: a person joins you or is set to change status with you


This type of campaign is for new or existing leads, prospects, customers, members, or subscribers.  It’s a great way to automate, measure, and optimize a critical part of your sales process.  Though it may be sales oriented, it can (and should) be education based.
You’re nurturing the relationship – either bringing someone on board or guiding, leading, or helping him or her from one “status” to another (email subscriber to new customer, for example).  We use this type of campaign to invite people trying BombBomb free for 14 days to become full and proper customers.

A nurture style drip series can perform acquisition, penetration, or retention functions.



Trigger: an upcoming event at a specific date and time


This type of campaign is for counting down to a specific date, whether it’s a product launch or a special event (sale, promotion, opening, debut, etc).  It may be designed for awareness, anticipation, and/or advance sales.
Here, it’s not as much about the relationship as it is about leading up the event.  Still, you should only be sending this campaign to people who have either expressed a specific interest in that type of event or who you reasonably expect would have that interest.  We believe very strongly in permission marketing and implore you to respect the people on your email lists.



In the image below, you’ll see a check box called “include new contacts.”  When you’re setting up your campaign and sending it to a list, you must decide whether new contacts added to that list after the drip has begun for that list will join the drip in progress or whether new contacts will be left out of the drip in progress.


In a nurture type of campaign, the trigger event is someone joining you or beginning a change in status with you.  They should not join your drip in progress because the drip is about that individual.  If the list is four days into the drip, including a new contact would mean the first email the new contact receives is the Day 5 email.


In a countdown type of campaign, the trigger event is the upcoming date to which you’re counting down.  New contacts added to a list should join the drip in progress.  If the list is four days into the drip, including a new contact would mean that they missed the first two emails, but they’ll still get Day 5 (“you’re two days away”) and Day 7 (“today’s the day!”).  This is the desired effect, so – again – new contacts on the list should join the drip in progress.


Nurture: leave the box unchecked.

Countdown: check the box to “include new contacts.”




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