Does Email Even Work?

Last Updated May 2nd, 2018

On April 25, we went LIVE on the BombCast with mortgage professional Adam Encinas. Adam’s on a unique mission – going all-in on social media marketing and video to build a personal brand within one of the largest banks in the nation.

Get insightful tips from Adam as we talk to him about the beginning of his social media journey.



After seeing how dedicated Adam was to social media marketing and video, we’ve committed to continue checking in with him over the course of the next 6-9 months to share his story with you. This first episode was full of value as Adam shared his initial approach and strategies.


Here are two top takeaways from the conversation:


Plan and Prep Before Launching Your Personal Brand

After recognizing his need for an authentic, personal brand, Adam spent about 6 months building a website, developing his brand, and working on a killer strategy. Adam is under a big mortgage brand and he hoped this strategy would help him better connect with people. “You want people to get to know you as an individual,” Adam tells us in the episode embedded above. You’re more than the big brand logo on your business card, so plan and build your personal brand.

Here’s a great article to help you get started with building a brand – 5 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand from Scratch

Adam also used trial and error at the beginning of this process to see what works. With the goal of providing as much value as possible, he switched from posting photos to posting more videos on social media. The goal is to help people easily get to know you and who you are. This can be achieved quickly through video, because it gets you face to face at scale. People feel like they know you before they ever meet you.

Here are some helpful video tips from people using video every day to get face to face more often – Video Tips from Top Ranked Video Influencers


Does Email Even Work?

“I don’t use email. I prefer text message, Facebook direct message or a phone call,” Adam says.

So, what’s he getting at? Does email even work? Of course it does. The line Adam draws in the conversation is personal and direct versus mass and broad.

Obviously, direct messages will tend to have higher response than mass messages. Whether you’re using email, Facebook messenger, or LinkedIn messenger, a truly personal message will get a quicker and better reply than a mass email. And if you want even better results, video messages and video emails are the way to go. “Any time you do a mass campaign,” BombCast host Jason Sheffield says, “It’s never going to be as effective versus going one-to-one.”

So, it’s not email that’s the problem, it’s how we’re using email. And it’s also about expectations. If you feel that a 25% open rate on a mass email is disappointing, think about organic reach in Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Unless you’re putting money behind the message or you have an incredibly engaged community, you’re not reaching anywhere near that share of friends and followers. So, yes – email does work. It continues to provide the highest ROI of any digital channel – and you’ve got specific ways to keep improving. To help, here’s a great article on getting better email results – 6 Reasons Your Email Sucks and How to Fix It

“I think relationships are the most important thing in any industry,” says Adam, who has a unique tactic that’s been incredibly effective for him: personal, one-to-one messages to Facebook friends. Through Messenger, he asks people to follow his business page. Adam reports that out of 30 Facebook messages, he got 25 new likes. “It’s crazy conversion!” Adam uses this tactic to begin a meaningful conversation. He asks how life is going and offers to grab a cup of coffee or lunch with them. He said those Facebook conversations led to about 8-10 lunches.“The biggest thing is follow up, follow up, follow up.”

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For more video and marketing tips, watch the full episode posted above.

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