Video Is Not the Differentiator – YOU Are

Last Updated April 18th, 2016

Some people come to BombBomb looking for a differentiator. And in our service, people find exactly that – a way to help you stand out and to have people feel more connected to you. More on that connection here.

What’s often confused, though, is how video differentiates you from competitors. More than video, you are the differentiator. You’re the bomb!

The difference isn’t in the medium; the difference is in the messenger (even more than the message).

To be clear: video itself does help. Building relationships with simple videos will definitely separate you from the pack. Video itself is still relatively rare – especially for personal, targeted messages. It improves the quality of communication, keeps you top of mind, and lets people know that you work differently. The key to it, though, is you.

Above all, your personality, expertise, passion, purpose, and specialty work together to make YOU your own best differentiator.


You Need a Differentiator

Anyone whose success is based in relationships and referrals (and, really, whose isn’t!?) needs a differentiator.

The more focused and specific you are about the type of product or service you provide, why you provide it, and how you provide it, the easier it will before people both to understand your value and to talk about it to others.

To make the point clear, I’ll focus on real estate agents, as they make up a significant share of our customer base.

Their industry has been disrupted; the listings and data around home sales were once belonged exclusively to agents. Now, they’re everywhere. Countless websites provide all kinds of information about your local real estate market. In addition, there’s intense competition to convert new buyer and seller leads and retain them for repeat and referral business in the future.

It the face of these pressures, who you are matters more than ever.

As Brenton Hayden writes in this story for Entrepreneur about disruption in the real estate industry, “The need for real estate agents that don’t provide anything of true value is diminishing rapidly. This isn’t to say that real estate agents aren’t needed. They certainly are. Knowledgeable and professional agents offer a wealth of value. However, a differentiator that separates the wheat from the chaff is long overdue. This will allow the real estate agents who are worth their weight in gold to have a chance to shine.”

Whether or not you wholly agree with that take, its point is clear: who you are and how and why you do what you do will separate you from the rest.

Beyond Hayden’s knowledge and professionalism is Dave Garland’s specialization. As Garland, of Rainmakers Consulting Group and Pacific States Capital, writes in this RIS Media article, data “is still just raw information sitting in storage waiting to be interpreted. Think of a room full of musical instruments. You may have all the right hardware in that room to make music, but without musicians to play them, they’re just useless scraps of metal cluttering up the place.”

It’s up to you what tune you want to play, and you’ve got more instruments at your disposal than ever before … The age of specialization has finally reached real estate.”

Your choice and execution of “tune” is who you are.


How YOU are the Differentiator

Debra Trappen of d11 consulting and Breve TV has a short, strong take aligned with these themes. “ELIMINATE COMPETITION. When you embrace your purpose – your authentic self – you have no competition. It allows you to STOP worrying about others and focus on what matters.” It’s her third of eleven points on pursuing your passion.

If real estate seems like an industry disrupted by the liberation and syndication of data, think for a minute about the travel industry. Think about a travel agent versus a real estate agent. Complete disruption!

Yet, Evan McElligot’s one who’s thriving through focus, specialization, personality, and expertise. Hear his story on the Living Your Passion podcast with DJ Waldow by clicking right here.

Some choice quotes from the podcast:

  • 5:10 “The era of the travel agent was … most people were getting out of (the travel industry) at that time. But I still just saw a HUGE value in being able to talk face to face or online or by email – in any capacity whatsoever – about how people should go about (traveling).”
  • 11:20 “I even have a tough time with the ‘agent’ word, as does most of the business, because it’s much more specialized than that. A lot of agents in my age group are picking specialties.”
  • 12:00 “You go to a general travel agent in the old days – let’s go back 20 years – and they’ve got posters in the office. And you’re expecting this one person to know everything about everywhere in the world. It’s obviously completely unreasonable. But nowadays, you kind of dial in. If you’re looking for Disney, you get a Disney expert.”
  • 12:20 “You research who’s good and who’s going to save you time. Who’s going to take the stress out of the planning. And who’s there for support when a volcano goes off in Iceland. ‘OK, we need to shift and change your flights. We need to look at this, this, this.’ And you can just sit back and continue doing what you’re doing. And that’s really where agents are shining right now. It’s a fun thing. It’s a great time to be in the business and to get into the business, too.”

For Evan, specialization is about specific geographies, deep knowledge and familiarity, and expertise. He tells in the podcast a story of deep, personal passion that goes back to his grade school days. He’d pick up travel brochures at brick and mortar agencies and study them rather than doing his assigned homework. He still has that feeling today.


A Quick Take on Differentiation, Passion, and Simple Videos


In Conclusion

Video can be used many ways. Do not overlook the opportunity to use it for communication, rather than for “marketing.”

In sending simple videos, the video itself does provide some differentiation, but the real differentiator is you.

Be clear about who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. Wherever possible, focus and specialize.

When you combine your key differentiating features with simple videos, you’ll make it easier for others to say “yes” to you. You’ll convert more leads and be easier to refer.


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