Understanding the Intersection of CX, UX, and UI

Last Updated June 8th, 2021

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Not all elevators are created equal. Some have the emergency button placed too high for a child or a person using a wheelchair to reach. The design is not centered on what a human needs.

Not all visual design is created equal, either. If a company has created an icon that you have to hover over to interpret, that’s nearly as bad as putting the emergency button out of reach. You can’t hover on a tablet, for one. Not to mention that some people have challenges with hovering. It isn’t a human-centered design.

Today’s guest is not only an adjunct professor of UX and Visual Design, but his clients range from Fortune 100 companies to startups — all with visual design grounded in actual user needs. User experience (UX) and user interface/interaction (UI) should be the yin and yang of a great customer experience.

Joey Kilrain is the Founder / CCO Experience Design at DED. He jokes that he’s usually called in when the visual design fires are nearly out of control. One of the very first things he does with a new client is a heuristic evaluation to check which aspects of design aren’t human-centered and ADA compliant. It sounds basic, but almost nobody starts there.

The verbal Venn diagram of CX, UX, and UI
How human-centered design serves customers
Tips for having constructive conversations about design
Brand guidelines versus design systems
What he’s learned as a professor of design



Understanding the Intersection of CX, UX, and UI

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Listen to “141. Understanding the Intersection of CX, UX, and UI w/ Joey Kilrain” on Spreaker.


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Video Highlights: Understanding the Intersection of CX, UX, and UI

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Joey Kilrain of DED – Digital Experience Design


1. Understanding the Relationships Between CX, UX, and UI



2. Starting Your Research Process with CS and Dev Teams



3. Inviting Everyone Into the Design Conversation



4. Learning from Design Students



5. Importance of Personal Video Backgrounds



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