CX at Getty Images: Shifting to Authenticity and Evoking Emotion

Last Updated February 16th, 2021

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About a year ago, our visual conception of “teamwork at work” looked like people wearing business casual attire brainstorming in a conference room. Now it looks like people on video calls in their basements or at their dining room tables.

Our need for authentic images hasn’t changed, but what looks authentic to us can and will change over time. When your customer base consists of everyone who needs images (which more or less means everyone), your customer experiences (CX) will look as different as your customers do.

What do you focus on to deliver exceptional CX? This probably encompasses making it easy to find the right image, download and license it, and incorporate it into content. Beyond that, there’s one more important component — being easy to trust.

Today’s guest, Grant Farhall, has nearly nine years of experience at the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the world — Getty Images, which has a library of hundreds of millions of visual assets and customers in about 200 countries.

From the different needs of corporate, creative, and media clients to the evolving aesthetic of visual storytelling, Grant is an expert in delivering the experiences that wildly different customers expect and deserve.

Grant is Chief Product Officer at Getty Images and iStock. He talks with me about the linchpin of the business — delivering a supply of compelling imagery and video content to customers — even when customers have such different needs.

Throughout our conversation, we discuss…

How to deliver with flexibility to a broad customer base
How to create a powerful and intuitive search experience (plus Grant’s top search tip)
Why there is power in searching concepts and emotions
What authentic, raw, and real images look like



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CX at Getty Images: Shifting to Authenticity and Evoking Emotion

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Listen to “122. CX at Getty Images: Shifting to Authenticity and Evoking Emotion w/ Grant Farhall” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: CX at Getty Images: Shifting to Authenticity and Evoking Emotion

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Grant Farhall of Getty Images below…


1. Definition of Customer Experience



2. Delivering a Unique Experience for Exclusive Contributors



3. Search Tip to Find Your Ideal Image



4. The Shift to Authenticity in Visual Assets



5. Nod to Music App, Shazam



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