Landing Your First Customer Experience Role

Last Updated July 21st, 2022

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Member experience, customer experience, and employee experience are challenging to manage. Communication and empathy, both vital ingredients to a healthy experience, can be complicated to navigate — especially because needs are unique to each individual. So without compassion, understanding, and communication, businesses will struggle.

By investing time and energy into people, sitting with them, and hearing them, you’ll begin to understand their perspectives. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience the journey that exposes their needs. And ultimately, this investment in people helps create a roadmap to a culture that fosters satisfied employees. And satisfied employees will always connect with and nurture satisfied customers more than those who are discontent.

Joining us today is Jason Champion, Director of Member Experience at NRTC — a co-op dedicated to helping their members deliver advanced technology solutions across rural America. Jason believes that fostering efficient and effective communication between leadership and employees cultivates a positive organizational culture and elevates the customer experience. He’s also a steadfast Enneagram enthusiast (and firmly believes in using it to improve teamwork inside your business).

Before transitioning into his current role at NRTC, Jason spent 20 years as a salesperson and sales leader.

Today he shares insight into landing his first CX role, working within the co-op business model, and how using tools such as Enneagram, video, and voice can help elevate communication and understanding between individuals. He also talks about why trust is essential to the sales process and patience and empathy are vital leadership qualities.

Jason and I also discussed:

Why leaders should consider using Enneagram to improve communication
How Jason transitioned from sales into customer experience
What NRTC did to revolutionize member experience during COVID
Where to focus to improve employee and member experience
How to create a sustainably healthy member experience



Landing Your First Customer Experience Role

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Listen to “211. Landing Your First Customer Experience Role w/ Jason Champion” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Landing Your First Customer Experience Role

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Jason Champion


1. Customer Experience is More Than a Transaction — It’s Everything



2. Sales Sets The Tone For Customer Experience



3. Steps to Land a Customer Experience Role



4. 3 Keys to Creating Internal Change (Patience, Empathy, Small Steps)



5. The Value of The Enneagram For Teams


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