Could Your Face-to-Face Meeting Really Be Covered in an Email? 

Last Updated April 10th, 2020

We’ve all probably said it at some point.

“That meeting could have been covered in an email. What a waste of time.” 

Maybe you’ve attended a meeting like this, or worse, scheduled and lead one. Think of the time (and money!) that would have been saved if that meeting didn’t happen.

But let’s think about it: Can a page of typed-out text really replace a face-to-face meeting with your colleagues? Probably not.

There are specific reasons for having a meeting, and nuances that usually come with it. For example, getting a group of people on the same page at once, communicating complicated information, presenting visuals, needing specific buy-in or feedback, brainstorming, problem-solving, etc.

So maybe most of this can’t be covered in a plain text email.


What if you used video email?

Sending a video email is a great way to accomplish all of the above, with some added benefits. Recording and sending videos will actually save you and your colleagues time, save the company money, and allow the would-be participants to consume the information when it’s best for them. No more checking calendars and moving meetings to meet everyone’s busy schedules.

Continue reading to see how sending a BombBomb video email can accomplish just about everything a regular face-to-face meeting can.

Sending a Video Email is Faster

We speak faster than we type – about 4x faster, actually. So recording a quick video that explains the key points that would be communicated in the meeting allows you to start the conversation quickly, clearly, and effectively between you and your colleagues.

Also, BombBomb’s proprietary video technology uploads your videos while you record them. So no waiting for your videos to upload before you send, and no buffering for your recipient.

As mentioned before, covering your key points in a video email allows your recipients to consume that message when it’s convenient for them. And when they do watch, they’re able to understand your message as clearly as if you were all in a conference room together.

Present Visuals Just Like in a Face-to-Face Meeting

BombBomb video emails are capable of more than just delivering your words in person. You can even record your screen in your videos to show your Powerpoint slides, specific documents, charts, and graphs, or anything on your screen.

With the screen recorder, you can record your screen, your face, or both at the same time. This allows you to hold your viewer’s attention on what’s most important at that moment.

Watch how Alli, BombBomb’s Content Marketing Manager, is able to record her screen to show slides and her face – the same as if she were presenting in a conference room…


Know Who’s Watched Your Video

With a regular meeting, you would obviously know who isn’t there to see and hear the information. Sending a BombBomb video allows for the same information. Tracking shows you every video play, email open, and link click. Then, if there are action items required from someone, you can see if they’ve seen your video and follow up as necessary.

Your team can react, reply, or respond with their own video.

With each video you send, your recipient has a few options to respond. They can react with a “woohoo” to say they’ve seen your video and it all makes sense. They can reply to your video straight from the video landing page. OR, even if your teammates don’t have a BombBomb account yet, they can respond with a video of their own. This allows them to reply to specific questions you may have posed to them in your initial conversation.

Ideal for Remote Workers

How difficult can it be to schedule a meeting with remote employees in different timezones? With different work schedules, it can be near impossible. By sending a BombBomb video instead, remote workers can get your message and respond when it’s convenient for them.

So, It Turns Out You Do Need to Have That Meeting After All…

Great! Live in-person meetings and video conference meetings can still be very valuable, and accomplish a lot in less time.

Here’s how incorporating BombBomb video can make sure your time spent away from your desk and out in the field goes the distance.

Explain the Meeting Agenda

How frustrating is it going into a meeting with no agenda, no context, and no explanation of why the meeting was scheduled in the first place?

Sending a video before the meeting gets everyone up to speed and sets up expectations going into it. This also gives team members a chance to come prepared, without having to write out a lengthy email.

See how John, BombBomb’s VP of Marketing Strategy, sends out a video prior to his meetings to explain the meeting agenda:


Sharing Gratitude

This might sound silly to some (hopefully not many), but simply saying “Thank you” to your meeting attendees can go a long way. By showing some appreciation “in person” after your meeting, the attendees are more likely to appreciate you putting the time together to meet on the subject and do what’s asked.

Meeting Follow-up with a Video

It’s important to send a follow-up message with action items after a meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page. But a bulleted list of tasks might not be enough context.

Send a BombBomb Video along with your action items to provide more context, and communicate it as clearly as possible to prevent misunderstandings for tasks moving forward.

Watch how Eleah, one of BombBomb’s Customer Success Managers, clearly and personally recaps her meeting with a simple video:


Recap for Those Who Couldn’t Attend

Of course, there will be people who can’t attend your meeting. Things come up, and that’s understandable. So instead of typing out a long recap of your meeting in an email, record a quick video to give them that personal feeling they would have had if they attended.

So the next time you think your meeting could be covered in an email, try BombBomb video email to make your communication as personal, effective, and engaging as a face-to-face meeting.

Kyle Boyd | About The Author

Kyle is a snow-chasing, beer-loving, disc-golfing husband, father, copywriter & marketer born and raised in Colorado Springs. As an aficionado of the English language, he gets physically uneasy if you use “your” and “you’re” incorrectly. Kyle started in advertising, moved to SaaS marketing, and hasn’t looked back. Aside from getting creative with marketing strategy and content, you can find Kyle sampling an IPA at the newest brewery, snowboarding, or simply enjoying time with his wife, daughter, and labradoodle.

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