Establishing Core Principles for Yourself and Your Team

Last Updated June 29th, 2021


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The key to building a great business and to getting a team focused and aligned is, first, having a set of consistent core values over time. Once you’ve established core principles around how and why you serve your customer, the next step is to continue to optimize and improve the customer experience over time. Both of these steps are founded in long-term relationships.

Today’s guest, John Belizaire, is a founder and entrepreneur who advises and serves on the boards of multiple organizations. He also fights the effects of climate change with his latest company.

Even though he’s already created an impactful legacy, he recently took the time to develop a personal mission statement: To influence 1,000 young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. His objective to equip others to succeed should serve for all of us as a model of principled leadership.

John is CEO at Soluna and Founder and Managing Editor at CEOPLAYBOOK. One of his actions as a CEO has been to spend about 20% of his time talking to customers and asking them what was and wasn’t working. It is no surprise that among his core tenets is a focus on continuous improvement to customer experience through empathy.

Throughout our conversation, John and I also talked about…

How and why to build a personal mission statement
Why CEOs should be deeply involved in creating customer experience
What Soluna’s commitment is to support green power
What the relationship is between entrepreneurship and storytelling
How to engage your team



Establishing Core Principles for Yourself and Your Team

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Video Highlights: Establishing Core Principles for Yourself and Your Team

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with John Belizaire, CEO at Soluna and Founder and Managing Editor at CEOPLAYBOOK…


1. Feeling, Emotion, and Customer Experience



2. Talking to Customers and Improving CX



3. Three Ways to Engage Your Team



4. How Customers and Employees Value Green Energy



5. How to Decide When to Say Yes



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