From Cold Prospect to Healthy Relationship

Last Updated November 10th, 2021

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In any healthy relationship, trust is vital. No matter your business or industry, customers want to buy from those they have a relationship with. However, building the foundation for a trusting and healthy sales partnership can be challenging — especially when a prospect says, “Now isn’t the right time.”

So when a prospect tells you, “not now,” what can you do? Follow up. Start by asking for permission to have the conversation at a more appropriate time. Then, contact them when you say you will. Failure to circle back almost always results in lost business. Following up shows that you’re reliable and accountable. And it’s this practice that creates an immense amount of relational trust that’s essential to a healthy relationship.

Today’s guest is Michael Chambers. Mike is the Vice President of Sales Agency and Training Teams at Precision Value & Health. At 24%, his team’s cold email strategy tops the industry’s average open rate (15% to 18%). And it’s the start of a sales process with a win rate over 60%.

Why? Because Mike puts relationships and trust at the center of everything he does for customers and employees — including cold prospecting.

Before starting his current position, Mike came up as a pharmaceutical sales rep. He then launched two brands in the space as a marketer. Today, Mike talks about his approach to sales leadership and training. He also shares concrete ways to build a trustworthy sales relationship, his philosophy on 24/7 availability throughout organizations, and his hiring and email strategies.

When it comes to email strategy, Mike’s team has sent over a couple hundred thousand cold outreach emails resulting in more than 500 meetings in the first three quarters of 2021. He explains, casting a wide net and hoping for a response doesn’t always yield the best results. A good email strategy focuses on sending the right message to the right audience — at the right time.

Michael and I also discussed:

Why relationship and responsiveness are at the center of CX
What qualities Mike looks for in great candidates for sales roles
How he adopted and adapted a successful cold email strategy
Why it matters to accept “not yet” as a response
How to stay available to customers and employees


From Cold Prospect to Healthy Relationship

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Listen to “169. From Cold Prospect to Healthy Relationship w/ Mike Chambers” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: From Cold Prospect to Healthy Relationship

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1. Customer Experience is Responsiveness



2. A Sense of Ownership and a Strong Work Ethic



3. Cold Prospecting: List Building and Message Cadence



4. Working With Subject Matter Experts



5. The Difference Between Average and Exceptional Salespeople


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