Use These 8 Gmail Extensions for Chrome to Improve Your Productivity

Last Updated April 10th, 2018

Modern living can be overwhelming.

Everywhere you look people are practically glued to their phones, hypnotized by a constant stream of notifications, updates, and incoming emails.

While the incessant pinging from the technological world can certainly weigh you down, if you want your business to make it today, you have to learn how to effectively navigate this brave new world.

And with boundless global competition and an endless stream of information, efficiency is the name of the game for almost any industry.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the most useful Gmail extensions for Chrome that you can start using today. When you realize just how much work these extensions cut back on, you won’t know what to do with all your newfound free time.


Top 8 Best Gmail Chrome Extensions to Boost Efficiency

Below are the best Gmail Chrome extensions you can use to start streamlining your workflow. Some are free to use, while others may require a single upfront fee or a monthly subscription.

While some users may scoff at the idea of a price tag associated with any extension (no matter how minuscule it may be), the sheer amount of time that some of these handy programs can save you often far outweighs the costs.


The Top Inbox for Gmail (Free Trial)

With almost 2,400 ratings and an impressive 4+ year history of being a top-rated Gmail extension, The Top Inbox is one of the most necessary extensions you’ll ever have the pleasure of using.

This suite of Gmail tools lets users do more than they could have ever hoped for with their emails.

Users can schedule emails hours, days, even months in advance, they can set up autoresponders with fully customizable settings, schedule hassle-free reminders to stay on top of business, and can even track when and if their emails are opened by the recipient.

However, users beware – this extension is a limited time trial and once it’s through, you’ll be asked to pay in order to keep using these convenient features.


Checker Plus for Gmail (Free + Donations)

If you’re like most people, you probably have more than one Gmail account that you use on a regular basis. Maybe you reserve all serious work correspondence for one account while cat video newsletters and celebrity gossip updates go to another entirely.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, having multiple accounts is what makes Gmail so useful. But navigating all of these accounts quickly and easily can be problematic for some.

That’s where Checker Plus comes in.

This especially helpful Gmail notification extension lets you access each of your accounts through an especially useful drop-down menu you can use right from Chrome.

What’s more, while many features of Checker plus are free, you can access even more by donating any amount to the developers. Not a bad deal at all.


Gmail Offline (Free)

Exceptionally simple in its concept, particularly powerful in its applications, Gmail Offline lets you use this integral program even while you aren’t connected to a network. Reading, responding to, archiving, and searching your Gmail messages are all possible without an internet connection with Gmail Offline.

So whether you’re sending out a quick thank you response to a past customer or are starting up a complex new campaign complete with customer-converting graphics and calls-to-action, you can finally do so without having to be connected.

The Gmail Chrome extension uses a queuing protocol to keep track of your requests. Once a connection is finally obtained, your Gmail account synchronizes with the work you’ve been completing while offline.

Simple as that.

The handiness of having Gmail Offline running on your system can’t be overemphasized and this Gmail Chrome extension is without a doubt a must-have for any Gmail and Chrome user.

Sortd (Free)

Business professionals in nearly every industry have long known the benefits of an agile methodology when it comes to project management.

This take on getting things done is often highly visual and it also lets team members know just which projects are completed and which are still up in the air.

Trello is one of the most well-known digital tools for an agile methodology. It features multiple columns (e.g. Development, To-Do, Approval, Completed) that you move tasks through to denote their progress.

With Sortd, you can apply this organized take on project management directly to your Gmail messages. Users can, for instance, create columns like “To Do,” “Follow Up,” or “Waiting for More Info” and then drag and drop Gmail messages directly into these neat categories.

It’s incredibly simple, intuitive, and easy to use. And best of all, it’s a smart skin that integrates directly with Gmail, so no program switching required.

You’ll never have to worry about dropping the ball again with Sortd for Gmail.


Rename Email (Free)

Have you ever experienced knowing that you received a specific email, but you just can’t seem to find it because the subject line doesn’t actually match the topic?

If you have, you probably know there are few things more frustrating.

With the incredibly simple fix from Rename Email though, you can add a bit of organization and control to your inbox by renaming your received email subjects to something a bit more memorable.

Your sender won’t be notified of the change and it will still appear as they intended on their end but for you, you can match up the content of the email with an easier-to-find name that’s much simpler to recognize.

What’s more, it can also be utilized as a way to break up especially long conversation threads as well.

It’s a simple solution with substantial results.


BombBomb’s PowerWheel

Whether you’re a marketing wizard, a busy CEO, or even just someone who’s looking for a better way of communicating in today’s techno-centric society, if you really want to get the most out of your email then look no further than the BombBomb PowerWheel Chrome Extension.

This innovative extension lets you send personalized video emails from right inside your Gmail inbox.

No more worrying if your email’s message came across the wrong way. No more wondering if what you typed matched the mood you were going for. And no more trying to find ways to add a personal touch to your correspondence.

And BombBomb’s PowerWheel has loads of other functionalities as well such as tracking opens and video plays (with live notifications), scheduled send outs, canned responses, reminders and much more.

This extension is a great way to save time, cut down on miscommunication, and improve relations – no matter what business you’re in.


ActiveInbox (Free Trial + Tiered Service Plans)

Staying productive and on top of your work is a challenge for everyone. Whether it’s managing your time effectively or finding ways to keep tasks and communications from slipping through the cracks, modern life is full of daily productivity struggles for every industry.

But when it comes to email, developers have come up with some pretty exciting and effective ways of helping anyone overcome these productivity challenges.

ActiveInbox for Gmail just happens to be one of the best when it comes to email.

It lets users turn individual emails into specific tasks, complete with due dates and integration into associated projects. It also acts as a sophisticated Gmail notifications extension by reminding you about when a task needs to be completed and when to follow up with a client or coworker.

The smooth user experience and powerful functionality do come at a price though. Users can try ActiveInbox for one month for free but after that, pricing begins at $4.16 per month for a single account and scales from there.

That being said, it just might be worth the price.


Mailtrack (Free + Tiered Service Plans)

Email is unique when it comes to conversations because for the most part, you never really know when the recipient has actually read your message. And the more time that passes after you hit send, the more you find yourself wondering if they are blatantly ignoring you or if they simply haven’t read what you have to say yet.

But with Mailtrack, you can finally get piece of mind with a handy indicator showing if your email has been read and how long ago. Beyond that, you can even see if it’s been opened multiple times.

With over 20,000 customers, thousands of positive reviews, and millions of sign-ups, Mailtrack is a tried and true solution to an age-old problem and is one of the best Gmail notification extensions available.


Productivity Boosting Gmail Chrome Extensions

In today’s modern world of incessant emails, endless notifications, and expected after-hours availability, getting a handle on your Gmail inbox can be a surprisingly difficult task.

To make matters worse, if you fall behind one day, you’ll just be even more overwhelmed tomorrow.

Thankfully, these Gmail Chrome extensions can help you tame your inbox, regain control over your day-to-day tasks, and skyrocket your productivity like never before.

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