Sneak Peek: Snippets – Canned Responses in Gmail

Last Updated September 15th, 2016


Canned responses in Gmail.

Write the email once. Include a video if you like. Use it over and over and over again as needed.

Get a sneak peek of a time-saving addition to the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome that our Insiders are already testing.


Sneak Peek: Canned Responses in Gmail

New day. New person.

Same question. Same answer.

End the re-typing! End the re-recording! See how BombBomb is going to give you time back with Snippets …


Don’t type the same thing again and again.
Don’t record the same video over and over.

Save and send canned responses in any Compose or Reply window in your Gmail inbox with BombBomb.


Note: if you want to get in on early feature trials like this, become an Insider.


UPDATE: Canned Responses in BombBomb

Snippets is NOW LIVE in our Google Chrome extension.




We’re also continuing to tie together the Gmail, mobile app, and Quick Send experiences.

Expect the ability to manage your Snippets inside your main BombBomb account – and to be able to use them in other places.


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