Save Time: Send a Canned Response in Gmail

Last Updated September 28th, 2016

Your days of typing the same email again and again are over, as are your days of recording the same video again and again.

You can now save and reuse a canned response in your Gmail inbox with BombBomb’s PowerWheel.

Make the email or the reply once and drop it in any time you need it again in the future.

Read on to learn more about this time-saving add to the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome.


Canned Responses in Gmail Emails

Watch the quick overview video above. In under 1 minute, you’ll learn about the new Snippets feature on the BombBomb PowerWheel.



How to Save and Reuse Canned Responses

Any time you’re working in a Compose or Reply window, use your cursor to select any sentence, paragraph, or entire email body. The “Save” button appears with “Save as Snippet” below it.

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Once you save it, the Snippet dialogue box opens. There, you can make further edits, add a subject line if you’ve not yet got one, and then save it to your library.

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Now you’ve got a new Snippet in your library.

Favorite: Click the heart to Favorite a Snippet. Access your Favorites through the “All” folder dropdown at the top.

Control: Click the gear to edit a Snippet. Click the + plus circle to put it into any open Compose or Reply Window.

Create: Click the + plus file at the top to create a new Snippet.

Rearrange: Grab any Snippet by its file icon next to the title to drag it up or down to change its order in the library.

Search: Click the magnifying glass to search for Snippets.

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Any time you want to use a canned response, just click Snippets on the PowerWheel in any Compose or Reply window.

Then, pick the Snippet you want from the library and click the + plus button.

It drops right into the open email window.

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When to Use Canned Responses

The purpose of Snippets is to save you time. Try to identify the situations in which you’ve got a new day and a new person, but the same question and the same answer.

Any situation in which you’re typing (essentially) the same text over and over or any time you’re recording (essentially) the same video again and again is ripe for saving and reusing as a canned response.

As we recommend for drip automations, think about the Frequently Asked Questions you receive.

What are the most common inquiries you get? From prospects. From active clients. From past clients. From team members or colleagues. From strategic partners.

These types of new emails and email replies are ideal for putting Snippets to work.


What’s Ahead for Canned Responses with BombBomb

The next phase of Snippets with BombBomb will give you library management in your main BombBomb account.

From there, we’re exploring how to make them available in other areas of the platform, including Quick Send and Composer.

This will take canned responses beyond Gmail and give you a shared library across platforms to help save you more time.


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What You Need to Use BombBomb in Gmail

If you’re already using BombBomb in Gmail through the Google Chrome extension, the “Coming Soon” button on the PowerWheel will update to “Snippets” automatically.

If you’re not, follow these steps …

1. A BombBomb account.
Don’t have one? Click here to try it free for 2 weeks.

2. A Gmail or Google Apps account.
Don’t have one? Click here to create one free.

3. The Google Chrome web browser.
Don’t have it? Click here to download it free.

4. The BombBomb extension for Google Chrome.
Don’t have it? Click here to add it to Chrome free.

Try BombBomb Free for 14 Days.


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