Can Facebook Live Help Your Business?

Last Updated August 9th, 2018

Did you know…

  • Facebook Live Videos are watched 3x Longer than videos that aren’t live anymore
  • Users comment on Facebook Live videos at 10x The Rate of regular videos
  • Daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has Grown By More Than 4x
  • 1 in every 5 Facebook Videos is a live broadcast

(Source: MediaKix)

As you can see from these statistics, Facebook Live is a social media channel you should be utilizing for your business. We recently sat down on the BombCast with Broker/Owner at Whissel Realty, Kyle Whissel and his media manager Bryan Koci. Kyle is using advanced video strategies in his business, including Facebook Live. We got some great Facebook Live tips from Kyle and Bryan.

Why Should You Be on Facebook Live?

According to media manager Bryan, Facebook Live is a fantastic place to get started when you first get into video. He says, “Start right now. Start tomorrow or start today. And start with Facebook Live.” You can record on your phone. You can record anywhere at anytime. There’s no pressure for the video to look professional. Kyle says, “People want to work with humans, not robots.”

You might think, who on Facebook is going to care about a random video of me in my car or a random video of me making breakfast? You’d be surprised. People are going to watch because they will be curious as to what you’re doing – especially if you’ve never been live before. Chances are, a lot of your friends and family will tune in for at least a little while to see what’s going on.

Facebook Live vs YouTube Live

During the BombCast someone asked whether it’s better to go Live on Facebook or YouTube. More people are on Facebook regularly throughout the day. Unless you do a lot of promotion around your live video, you might not get many live views or interaction during a YouTube Live video.

On the other hand, when you go live on Facebook, people are far more likely to see it randomly as they scroll through their feed. Your friends or followers will get a notification when you go live so they will be likely to go check it out. It’s always fun to get interaction as you go live too and this is far more likely to happen when you’re live on Facebook.

Live Lives On

One thing to remember about live video is that it lives on. It’s important to create a strategy for afterwards. Bryan shared how he downloads every Facebook Live once it has finished onto his phone. He then posts that video onto YouTube with a catchy caption, description, keywords, etc. It’s important to optimize the video once it’s on YouTube to get the most reach. Learn more about how to optimize your YouTube channel by clicking here.

You can also share the video on your other Facebook pages. If you went live on your personal page, you can share the video onto your business page for your followers there to view it. One thing we also do here at BombBomb is take the best clips from our live videos to use on Instagram. If you get a great quote clip, you can use it on your Instagram Feed or Story.

One last tip I have it to take the link of your current live video and post it into the comments of your previous live video on Facebook. By doing this, all the people that commented before will get a notification that you commented. They will then be able to go to the link and watch your current live video.

Here are some ideas for distribution once your live video is over:

  1. Download the Facebook Live video
  2. Upload the video onto YouTube
  3. Share the video onto your other Facebook Pages
  4. Comment the link to your video on your previous videos
  5. Cut the best 15-30 second clips out of the video
  6. Share shorter clips onto you Instagram Feed & Instagram Story
  7. Share the shorter clips on Twitter & LinkedIn as well

If you were interested in starting a Facebook Live series, we suggest getting some tips from our blog post: 13 Tips on How to Create a Successful Facebook Live Series

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