Building Rehumanize Episode 2: The Venue

Last Updated October 5th, 2018

Rehumanize is our first-ever live event and a first-of-its kind video summit. Specfically for real estate and mortgage professionals, Rehumanize is a two-day event happening in May 2019.

In this episode of Building Rehumanize, our behind-the-scenes-look at putting the event together, you’ll get a sneak peak of our great venue, the Grand Hyatt. You’re going to love the downtown Denver location and all the venue has to offer.

Watch Building Rehumanize Episode 2 right here to get more details:



Why Rehumanize Will Happen at the Grand Hyatt

In Building Rehumanize Episode 2 you get a great glimpse into the Grand Hyatt. You’ll feel like you’re on a luxurious vacation during the conference! The hotel is within walking distance of shopping, restaurants and coffee shops. You’ll also be able to get everything you need within the hotel.

Since this is our first ever event, we put a lot of thought into the venue we chose. You’ll read on our Rehumanize website: “The Grand Hyatt Denver, located in the heart of Denver, is just blocks from Colorado’s best restaurants, museums, and shopping. This recently renovated hotel features luxurious city-view rooms, a stylish restaurant, and a pool and gym for those who want to test their lungs in the mile high city.”


We Wanted An Easy Place to Network

In Building Rehumanize Episode 2, embedded above, Jason and Steve talk about the importance of networking during the event and how our event design will facilitate it. We wanted to make it easy for attendees to connect with each other. “This event is all about the types of people you’re going to be meeting with and connecting with,” Jason explains. “We wanted to make it a great space to make sure that was actually happening.” Comfortable sitting areas. Restaurant and cafe. Classroom set up. Plenty of breaks. Scheduled social times. Hotel-as-venue. You’ll have a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from around the world at Rehumanize.

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We Wanted to Provide a Classroom Learning Experience

Steve has spoken at hundreds and hundreds of events, helping him know the very best setup for our event. At Rehumanize, you’ll get a table and WiFi so it’s easy to take notes in a notebook, on your tablet, or on your laptop during each session. “We’re going to have power, we’re going to have tables, we’re going to have WiFi,” Steve explains in the video embedded at the top of this post. “We’re going to create a learning environment that’s going to help people truly understand what video can do for business and help people collaborate more effectively.”

Get more travel information and Grand Hyatt details on the Rehumanize website: Rehumanize – Travel 


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