Building Relationships, Building Community

Last Updated September 27th, 2011

BombBomb’s about building relationships.  We expect that you are, too.

That’s why we built our video email marketing platform – and why we want to build a community around relationships, communication, email, video, marketing, and more.


My name’s Ethan and I’ll be fostering the BombBomb community.  Formally, I’m new here, but my arrival’s been in the works for a few years.  I’ve been doing writing and video work on a project basis since BombBomb was two guys in a spare bedroom of a house.

Now, we’re ten employees in a great and proper office (check out photos on Facebook, and give us a “like” while you’re there).  We’ve got hundreds of satisfied video email customers, dozens of them fanatical (we love you, too!).


Pikes Peak, BombBomb,, Old Colorado City, loft, office, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colorado Ave, Front Range, mountains, video email

Pikes Peak view from a BombBomb office window in Old Colorado City


This growth and progress has all been made possible through relationship building.  Trust.  Authenticity.  One customer, friend, and fan at a time.

We’re here to help you connect with and communicate more personally with your customers.  Toward that end, we’re building a community around these concepts:
>  BombBomb video email marketing software, new features and upgrades, tips and tricks
>  Video, video production basics, inexpensive video equipment
>  Writing, writing subject lines, scripting and outlining videos
>  Email, email marketing, managing and cleaning email lists, tracking results
>  Success stories, customer success, testimonials, case studies
>  Inbound marketing, content creation


We regard this as a co-creation process.  Comment.  Contribute.  Ask.  Follow.  Fan.  And all that.

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Email me any time about anything.


Ethan Beute | About The Author

Marketing, branding, content. Writer, producer, editor. Photos and videos. Building campaigns. Tracking results. Background in local television station marketing and promotion. VP, Content and Communication, BombBomb. BA, University of Michigan. MBA, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Fresh air & clean water.