Break the Sleazy Salesperson Stereotype – BombCast Episode 9

On January 4th, we went live for the BombCast with BombBomb Power User and Salesperson, Automotive Sales Coach, the “YouTube Diva,” Elise Kephart. Elise helps automotive sales teams across the country build stronger relationships, and close more deals with video. You can check out her company, the Elise Kephart Experience, by clicking here.

Elise talks about how she teaches people to utilize video to help sell products, and rehumanize client communication in the episode below.

Check out our five key takeaways from the BombCast below.

1 Rehumanizing the Customer Experience

Remember that the product itself, the customer could really find anywhere in the same price range. Elise explains how video email can help salespeople showcase “the person behind the product.” It helps show that beside the product, this is the person you’re going to be doing business with, and this is the experience you’re going to get when working with me. You’re proving that you’re different, and you’re not just looking for a sale, you’re looking to create a relationship with that person through the sale of the product.

2 Video Email is a Great Way to Follow-Up with a Cold Call Voicemail

You called your lead for the first time and “surprise, surprise,” they didn’t pick up. Elise talks about the fact that video email, is one of the best ways to follow up with a cold lead. Although video email should be authentic and unscripted, this is a situation where you should have a good blend of authenticity and script. Mention that it was you who just called and left a voicemail, but you also wanted to follow-up to help put a face to a name. Elise also recommends having a strong CTA at the end of this video.

3 It’s a Great Way to Break the Stigma of the Sketchy Salesperson

Car salesmen specifically understand the struggle of breaking this stigma. Elise mentioned that instead of using video to sell her product, she’s really actually using it to build trust and move past the stereotype. That initial email you send a cold lead can be about your product, but really should be an attempt to showcase to break the barrier, and show that “even though I work in an industry that has a bad reputation, I don’t fit that mold.”

4 Show What Value You Will be Providing

Elise likes to use her introduction video to show that she will be providing value. She also enjoys using it when she has a situation where a lead will provide an email, but no contact number. She starts off by verifying that the information she has is correct. “Hey there, I see you put in your email that you wanted some more information on our Chevy Tahoe. Just wanted to make sure I have all the specs correct so I can provide you with accurate pricing.”

5 A Walk Through with the Camera on your Phone Provides Value and Leads to More Sales

The simplicity of shooting a video through your webcam and smartphone allows your video to feel personal. If it was highly produced, people would feel like you paid a lot of money to have a video that you send to everyone. When you send a video that you made on your cell phone for that one particular person, it shows that you took the time to treat them differently, and not just like any other prospect. It creates an amazing customer experience, that most people are not even used to.


Alli Tunell

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