Branding your Authentic Self Through Video – Kids, Baseball Cap, Sweatpants and all!

October 13th, 2017

On October 10th, BombBomb hosted real estate friends, branding, and video experts, Michael Thorne and Jesse Peters.

BombBomb’s Cofounder and President, Darin Dawson, sat down with Michael and Jesse to pick their brains about everything from building a personal brand to video communication strategies.

Michael Thorne is a RE/MAX Little Oak agent out of Vancouver, BC who brings 25 years of real estate experience to the table. Jesse Peters is a RE/MAX One Group agent from Winnipeg, MB with an exploding “Social Savvy” brand after only 5 years in the industry.

Catch the full video below!

At 3:30 minutes, Darin asks Michael and Jesse how they setup their real estate teams.

Michael explains how he came to an equal team partnership with two trusted colleagues. Jesse validates the need for every person to find the setup that works best for them. He then shares about how he was a solo agent for the first four and half years, and why he recently brought in an unlicensed assistant and a partner.

At 8:45, Darin asks Jesse to share how he has used video to “plant seeds” and reap a “harvest” in building his business.

Jesse replies, “I’ve only ever known video.” He explains that video is really helpful when you are starting a career and don’t have the budget for traditional advertising and you’re trying to make a name for yourself. While everyone wants the “harvest” of listing videos, Jesse also values “planting seeds” with one-to-one videos to stay top-of-mind and build “know, like, and trust.”

At 19:10, Darin dives into the video strategies Michael and Jesse are using.

Michael states, “I hope the vast majority of my videos don’t get any more than 5 views, because that video was meant for somebody in particular, not everybody!”

When Darin asks why someone should use BombBomb over Facebook Live, Michael says, “it’s all about language.” According to Michael, real estate is full of vanilla marketing that tries to speak to a broad audience. Michael says he uses BombBomb to make his language personal, like the way he talks differently to individual family members, to cut through all the marketing noise.

Michael says the main reason to hire an assistant is so you can keep doing the things that actually matter, and that’s video. “Everything else I would give away before I gave up the video camera.”

Moving along to 23:05, Darin asks for a response to people who say they get too busy to keep using video.

To Michael, those are all excuses. He says that if you have time to type an email response to your client, you should be able to do something that takes a third of that time (video) and is way more impactful.

Jump to 23:40, to hear Michael and Jesse talking about how you build a relatable brand.

Michael says he and Jesse don’t say anything special in their videos, but they make their videos relatable. Jesse’s videos are relatable because his daughter is in it, he wears a ball cap, and he gives his message to one person. Michael says you don’t have to be animated, just be “all in” with whoever you are.

According to Michael, our culture no longer asks or wants you to separate your work and home identities. You actually become more relatable when you send videos from your everyday life without perfect hair or makeup. Even more, Michael thinks appearing constantly put together may be hurting your brand.

At 26:38, Darin says people make the objection, “video isn’t scalable.” What if you want to talk to a larger audience?

Michael says, “everybody out there has an audience in a 2017 world.” To scale your video, you need to make it shareable. To make a video that someone else wants to share, Michael advises people to “stop shining the light on you and shine it on someone else.” One way to do this, Michael says, is to create community focused videos. Homeowners care about their community, so when you tell the community story through video, you can build “know, like, and trust.”

Jesse explains that video helps people feel like they know you personally. We all want to work with people we can relate with. To stand out from the crowd, you need to make a personal connection.

Also, Jesse says video allows you to show people your energy and what you’re like. Then, customers select you because they already like you. When people know what to expect, you don’t have to spend so much time selling yourself.

At 36:10, Darin takes a Facebook live question, “When do you use video and not text?”

Jesse says his gut is the deciding factor. He uses video when he feels like news needs to be delivered face-to-face or his tone will make an impact on the message.

Michael answers that he almost always uses video. He says he will text a simple “yes” to confirm a listing. Michael often asks himself, “would it be more effective to send a video?” Michael stresses, it is less effective to communicate through text.

Advancing to 38:00, Darin asks, what “are the times you absolutely have to send a video and not a text?”

Responding to a referral is a great time to use video, according to Jesse, so you can put a face to a name. He also likes using video to give instructions to clients, such as with paperwork.

Michael suggests using video to deliver good news and bad news. He says real estate is a very emotional process. Michael gives clients bad news through BombBomb to update them quickly during the day and communicate empathy.

Nearing the end at 51:35, there is one last question from Darin, “where do I start?” with video.

Michael recommends to just reach out to someone you were going to communicate with already today, and send your message as a video instead. He suggests starting with BombBomb and sending out 10 messages. He is confident people will get at least one response saying “wow” or “amazing.”

Jesse says you must start with believing in yourself, and knowing people need to hear from you. After that, you just have to hit record and send. Michael encourages people that, “you have value, the world is taking in value through video, you have to deliver it through video.”

“The only road to successfully using video, is to do it,” says Michael.

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