BombBomb Reviews: What is BombBomb and What Are Your Peers Saying About It?

Last Updated December 6th, 2018

Have you taken a look at the BombBomb reviews around the Internet?

We love the landscape of our current digital world where consumers have been given a voice. A voice to exclaim what they love about a company, and even a voice to speak up when they’ve had a poor experience. And online reviews are not going away. According to Bright Local, 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017. And consumers read an average of seven reviews before trusting a business!

We take pride in our product and our team, and hope to give an amazing customer experience to everyone who tries and uses BombBomb. We’ve recapped all of our major review sites in the article below.

1.) Google Chrome Store – 4.8 Stars, 450 BombBomb Reviews

One of our main goals at BombBomb is to work where our customers work. And for many people, that’s within Gmail and Google Chrome. The BombBomb PowerWheel through our Google Chrome extension allows you to….

  • Record and send video email in Gmail.

  • Record yourself and your screen to help guide your clients and give them easy to understand instructions.
  • Add any video from your BombBomb library into a video email.
  • Track email opens for any send, track email opens and video plays for video email sends.
  • Get live open and play notifications in Gmail, in mobile, and on your desktop.
  • Schedule your email or video email to be sent at any day and time in the future.
  • Set reminders for yourself to follow up if your email hasn’t been opened
& much more!

Our customers love our Google Chrome extension. Especially our screen recording feature. Most of these BombBomb reviews talk about their general experience with BombBomb as opposed to just the extension. But this shows us that this is the primary way they use the product – which was what we hoped they would do.

Check out the review below from Annette!

BombBomb Reviews - Google Chrome Review

2.) G2 Crowd – 4.4 Stars, 149 BombBomb Reviews

G2 Crowd helps businesses make informed buying decisions by highlighting reviews from actual product users. Their review platform leverages more than 500,000 independent and authenticated user reviews read by more than 2 million buyers each month.

It was very important to our marketing department to take our G2 crowd profile seriously. In fact, just this year we started a marketing campaign to ask our customers to give honest reviews on our profile page. In the questionnaire, G2 Crowd asks each user four questions including:

  • What do you like best about the product?
  • What do you dislike?
Recommendations to others who are considering the product?
  • What business problems are you solving with the product?
  • What benefits have you realized?

The BombBomb reviews at G2 Crowd discuss the product as a whole, meaning every extension and add on. The reviews here vary, but a vast majority of the reviews are positive. Many users give tips on how to get started with video, and what to expect from the product, staff, user interface, and training.

Here’s a great quote from Angie’s G2 Crowd review.

BombBomb Reviews - G2 Crowd Review

3.) BombBomb Classic in the App Store – 4.8 Stars, 6,700 BombBomb Reviews

BombBomb Classic was our original mobile application. This application will help you record and send new videos or select prerecorded videos from your library. It supports texting videos directly to people (including via iMessage on iPhone. You can send a new email in your designed template to an individual or to any/all of your BombBomb lists. You can also record videos on your phone and use the app to get them into your BombBomb account/library. It’s more marketing (plus texting).

You’ll likely spend more time in Inbox and go to Classic when you want to text, add videos to your library, send mass emails/video emails, or send more “polished” emails/video emails.

With over 6,700 BombBomb reviews, this is by far the most reviewed product that BombBomb offers. Most of the reviews were extremely positive. There were some original complaints about technology issues that we’ve since fixed with our new app. Mainly the reviews talked about users seeing improvements in their open rates, a simple user interface, and the video text feature!

Check out the awesome review below from Naan below.

BombBomb Reviews - Apple App Review

5.) T3 – Exceptional – 3.43 out of 3.5

T3 Sixty recently released their T3 Technology Scorecards, a new product line that is intended to provide the broker community with the highest assurances of quality for software providers in real estate. The team at T3 conducted interviews with users to produce an unbiased and neutral assessment of the product. The scorecard criteria includes  a overall score, and scores in specific categories, including product features, ease of learning, product support, integration with other products, and overall user value.

The T3 Sixty Scorecard for BombBomb gave our product the “exceptional” rating. We were deemed a quality enterprise supplier for individual brokers, agents and teams. Key findings on the scorecard indicated that the “Gmail product is outstanding.” T3 Sixty also discussed the benefits of our multiple platforms that make it easy to incorporate the product into your routine. Our support team was also praised. Finally, T3 Sixty noted that BombBomb has “robust automation and mass email capabilities.”

Negatives were of course mentioned to be transparent. Primarily, they noted that video isn’t for everyone. We highly recommend checking out the full ten page scorecard on the link attached if you’d like an extremely detailed review of our product.

BombBomb Reviews - T3 Sixty Reviews


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