BombBomb Named One of Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work

Last Updated May 30th, 2019

BombBomb has continued to grow at a rapid pace, increasing from 121 employees in November 2018 to 146 in May 2019. Throughout the growth, we’ve worked hard to maintain a positive, collaborative culture based on a clear mission and core values. Our commitment to growing the company while maintaining the culture has landed us a handful of awards that we are extremely proud of.

Inc. Best Workplaces - BombBomb

Jonathan Bolton, our Senior VP of Operations, relates employee success to customer success. We need to know what we’re solving for our customers. We need to take that mindset and apply it to how we treat employees.

What if I told you employees are actually consumers of the jobs you’re providing for them with your company?

Because of this mindset, we work hard to care for our employees. Because successful employees = a successful company. How do we gauge employee satisfaction? There are many ways but our favorite is listening to our employees and acting on their feedback. And the employees have spoken. After asking them to take yet another survey the results of that survey spoke for themselves. BombBomb received a 92.5% engagement score which lead us to be named one of the Inc. Best Mid-Sized Workplaces! We were thrilled this year to make Inc’s list of The Best Places to Work in 2019. They asked 139,251 employees all over the U.S. to rate their workplaces – our strong culture & benefits put us on that list.

Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC says, “With hundreds of cities vying to become the next Silicon Valley, unexpected hotspots like Colorado Springs are making waves in our nation’s tech and startup ecosystem. Colorado Springs is home to a variety of tech companies, but they all have one thing in common: game-changing ideas.”

When interviewing employees who have been at BombBomb for 3-5 years, there was a trending response. Our employees have found growth at BombBomb that they might not have found elsewhere at another company. The leaders at this company care not only about business growth, but personal growth in every employee.

I work at BombBomb because this is a place that believes in people. -Ryan Hill, Software Developer


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