BombBomb from the Vantage Point of an Industry Expert

August 29th, 2017

This post was written by real estate industry expert and BombBomb’s VP of Content Development Travis Saxton.

Before I get started, I should probably disclose that I am a member of the BombBomb team. I love this company for a myriad of reasons, so you might think I have a biased perspective on our work. However, before joining this fun-loving bunch, I spent a decade advising companies on best practices and strategically guiding them in all aspects of technology and marketing.

I want to offer you a look into BombBomb’s tools from the vantage point of a real estate and mortgage industry technology expert.

When I first came to BombBomb, the average broker saw our platform as primarily an agent tool. In general, brokers thought BombBomb was primarily utilized by connecting one-to-one through video (I, too, was guilty of this way of thinking). While this truly was the focus for our company 10 years ago, much has changed. In recent years, we’ve built upon our initial values and created a world class broker and enterprise solution.

You might be surprised to learn that we have been dipping our toes in the broker and enterprise pool for quite a awhile. Over the years, we have been automating housing market reports for large firms and franchises. We have offered pre-written content and customized email design for tens of thousands of customers. More recently, we launched a fully automated marketing system called Prompt for agents and for brokers.

Now, pairing new content strategies with our time-tested technology and tools, we have jumped in headfirst to offer brokers and enterprise accounts the custom experience our partners deserve.


Let’s take a look at five opportunities BombBomb has created:

1. Recruiting and Retention: BombBomb makes any virtual interaction more human. Agents want to engage your emails when they receive a personal message with a friendly face. We make it easy for firms to reach out by providing them with automated solutions and custom recruiting libraries specific to their work.

2. Content Strategies: Most agents feel intimidated or stuck when asked to create original emails. Unfortunately, many email marketing platforms or CRMs provide boring, tired newsletters. BombBomb does things differently, by creating personalized custom video email newsletters with actionable insights and real-time reporting on email engagement.

3. Custom Content Strategies: We believe your content should be just as original as your people. Every firm has unique values and specialties, and BombBomb wants to help amplify your specific voice. We provide this customized content across social media platforms, CRMs, transaction management software, and many more systems.

4. Custom Automations: Automation should not mean giving up your personality. Yet, we know that busy agents need an automated way to stay in touch with past clients. That is why we created custom automations that make it easy for your firm to stay in touch, yet feel personal with video, housing market reports, and an email for every occasion.

5. Lead Capture Pages: We have developed unique strategies custom to you and deployed across all your agents to generate leads through landing pages. Topics include CMAs, home valuations, neighborhood reports, open house registries, listings coming soon, and more. When you blend these forms with automated video emails, you set your firm head and shoulders above your competition.


After a decade in real estate and mortgage industry technology, and now observing and contributing to BombBomb from the inside out, I can honestly say that BombBomb is changing the marketing game for large firms.

We have fine-tuned personalized solutions for large scale use to help you win the business you want. Get in touch with our team of experts and let us show you how BombBomb can amplify your unique voice and take your communication to the next level.


This post was written by real estate industry expert and BombBomb’s VP of Content Development Travis Saxton.


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