BombBomb for Zendesk: Making Your Customer Support as Personal and Effective as an In-Person Meeting with Video 

Last Updated March 17th, 2020

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Think about the last time YOU experienced great customer service that exceeded your expectations.

What do you think made it so great?

Chances are, whoever you were working with displayed feelings of empathy, kindness, and personal attention towards your specific question or problem. All of these positive emotions come from actual human-to-human engagement.

Now, think about your customer service team. How are you enabling them to create more personal, memorable, and engaging customer experiences? And what are they doing today to go above and beyond to exceed your customer’s expectations?

Consider this: If your support reps were able to meet customers in-person to resolve issues, they’d be more effective…right?

Of course, time and space won’t allow for your reps to physically go to your customers – it’s just not scalable. But BombBomb can replicate that personal experience by getting you “face-to-face” with a Zendesk video.

The BombBomb Integration with Zendesk enables your team to quickly and seamlessly handle customer support tickets “in person” through a simple Zendesk video.

When your team is able to record, send, and track personal videos directly inside Zendesk, it reduces the back-and-forth communication that extends ticket resolution times, provides more clarity to your customers, and actually saves your reps valuable time.

How It Works


Record or Upload a Zendesk Video

With BombBomb, your team can record or upload videos without ever leaving Zendesk. You can record from your webcam to show your face, record your screen to show the customer’s account or explain a complex document, or both at the same time.

BombBomb’s proprietary video technology actually uploads and encodes your video while you record.

zendesk video

What does that mean for you? It means no waiting for videos to upload – it’s instantly ready to send once you hit ‘Stop’. What does that mean for your customers? No waiting for your videos to buffer, enabling virtually instant video playback.

When teams are able to communicate more clearly and personally with video, it’s been proven to increase CSAT scores, and reduce time-to-resolution.

Macros and Your Video Library

You have Macros for those same few questions you get basically every day. With the BombBomb Zendesk Integration, you can insert pre-recorded videos to humanize your macros, saving time and getting the tone right the first time.

If you already have a video you want to send, you can select that video from your BombBomb library and embed it in any email, any time.

Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 3.54.33 PM | BombBomb

Using Tags? Quickly and easily compare and contrast your team’s productivity and customers’ experience with pre-made Zendesk tags.

Actionable Insights and Measurable Results

Not sure who’s engaging with your support sends? Need to see if video is really making a difference in your customers’ and team members’ lives? BombBomb shows you everything you need to know about what you and your team are sending out.

Robust reports based on automatic video tagging allows you to track the return on your BombBomb video investment.

You can even track engagement, satisfaction, and resolution times for video and non-video responses – across the team and by individual team members.

Stronger Customer Relationships

A human face and sincere message can defuse a negatively charged situation by rehumanizing you, your company, your brand, AND your customer. If you’re getting positive feedback and high satisfaction ratings from customers now, wait until they truly feel like they know you. This goes beyond the knowledge that you’re friendly and helpful to being truly connected to another human inside your organization. Expect to see the benefit in survey response rates and CSAT scores.

Save Time by Talking Instead of Typing

We speak about 4x faster than we type, on average. So think about how many emails your team types out each day. If those emails are more than 10 words (like “Okay, sounds good. Glad I could help.”), your people WILL save time by hitting record instead of typing, correcting errors, etc.

Results We’ve Seen with BombBomb Inside Zendesk

Here at BombBomb, we like to practice what we preach by also using the BombBomb Integration in Zendesk for our own customer engagement. Over a 30-day test period, our Customer Care team was able to reduce time-to-resolution by 82%. This is largely due to the team’s ability to provide clarity and context in a more human way.

Back and forth email reply chains stop far sooner. A Zendesk video gives the customer the ability to look back again and again as needed, especially when it’s a walk-through or how-to. And if a ticket gets re-opened, team members can catch up more quickly watching the video(s) instead of reading long back and forth email chains.

Other notable stats:
During this same 30-day test period, our care team increased our one-touch resolution by 55%, increased satisfaction survey completions by 35%, and improved our CSAT score from 95% to 98% – just by adding video.

Here Are Just a Few Quotes We’ve Heard From Our Customers:

“Thank you so much!  Best part was you just sent me the video! That’s exactly what I needed! Thanks again!” – Zephy

“Zach is awesome! He walked me through how to correct the issue I was having via video, which was so helpful. He is VERY knowledgeable!” – Krista

“Excellent. Answered all my questions and immediately prepared and sent me a how-to video.” – Charles

“Excellent – especially when he sent a video to remind me how to use the video to reach customers better.” – Sydney

“Amazing customer service! Above and beyond and hands down, THE BEST customer service of any company. Never a long hold, the Customer Service rep is thorough and I LOVE that you use your own product and put a face with the name by emailing a video after the call. Rea was super encouraging and took it a step further by challenging me to reply to her email with a video and not to watch it after and re-record! And I did it! Lol! Thank you again for your GREAT support!”                 – Zalone

Customer Success teams are constantly striving to provide a better customer experience – to get the tone right, to reach a resolution quickly, and to create successful and satisfied users. While most Customer Success teams rely exclusively on plain text emails, phone calls, and maybe a few canned videos, BombBomb gets your team face to face with your customers to communicate more clearly, connect more effectively, and build better relationships.

So if you believe that your people would deliver a better customer experience “in person”, request a demo of BombBomb for Zendesk today, and start getting your team face to face with video.

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