BombBomb Announces Free Video Email for Teachers to Help with COVID19

Last Updated March 17th, 2020

COVID-19 is sweeping our nation. It’s causing a disruption in our lives, and the way we work. It’s also keeping our teachers, who are instrumental in shaping our future generations, from their classrooms.

Teachers everywhere now face the challenge of educating their students through remote teaching. Teaching was never an easy job, but it’s even tougher when you can’t be face to face.

At BombBomb, we know it’s our responsibility to help where we can. That’s why BombBomb is now 100% free for every teacher, administrator, professor, counselor, or educator. All to help them get face to face with students while teaching remotely.


What is BombBomb?

BombBomb is a team of 150 people based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have 50,000 customers around the world using our software to easily record and send video messages through email, text, and other communication platforms.

These casual, conversational videos – without any lights, scripts, editing, or production – help them be there in person when they can’t be there in person.

For teachers, it’s perfect when you need to…

Communicate complex assignments and lessons face to face
Provide feedback with the help of screen recording
Connect with students, parents, and peers on a relational level during this challenging time

To learn more about how teachers can use BombBomb to teach remotely, click here.

Training on Video Email for Teachers

Trying to learn new software should be the last of teachers’ concerns right now.

That’s why we’re holding live BombBomb training sessions (just for teachers) every day. Also 100% free.

To register for a training session, click here.

I’m a Teacher – How Do I Sign-Up for BombBomb for Educators?

We’re so excited you’re ready to use BombBomb for remote teaching. Now you can reach out to your peers, your students, and their parents in a more personal and human way.

To sign up for a free education account, visit

Have questions about how this could work for you? Check out our FAQs.

I’m not a Teacher – How Can I Help?

The best way to help is to get the word out. Share on your social media channels. If you know any teachers, tag them in your post. Recording a quick video to go along with the message will help your post get even more engagement.

If you want to get even more involved, tell your local schools. Tell fellow parents. Ask them to share this information with their local schools as well.

We want to get the BombBomb in the hands of more educators, and we’re grateful you’re willing to help us spread the word.

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Writing, editing, marketing, social, public relations. Creator of content and lover of baby animals. Background in food and beverage marketing, but proud to now be a woman in tech. Content Marketing Manager, BombBomb. BS, Arizona State University. MPS, the University of Denver.

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