Benefits of a Smile in Video and in Sales

Last Updated December 18th, 2014

Smile in video. Smiling benefits you, the people around you, the people who get your videos, and your results.

It’s healthy, attractive, and contagious. Learn a little more and link out to tons more here in this post.

A couple experiences led up to this rundown on smiles.

First, I rounded up some of this information to share with our team. We talk about Relationships Through Video at our team lunches every Friday. Last week, I talked about smiling – on the phone, in video, and in person.

Because smiles are so beneficial, I wanted to share the same ideas with you right here (thanks for reading!).

Second, Laurie Davis of Scott Lincicome Properties in Pinehurst and The Geeky Girls shared the list below on Facebook yesterday.

That social exchange was the inspiration I needed to organize the post. It was one of those nice “right post at the right time” things (thanks for the tag, Laurie!).

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(Image by Rory Finneren and found at LifeHacker)


Benefits of a Smile in Video and in Sales


A Few Benefits of Smiling for You

  • Reduces stress (releases neuropeptides)
  • Relaxes you and lowers blood pressure (releases dopamine, endorphins)
  • Improves your mood (releases serotonin)
  • Makes you feel better in general

A Few Benefits of Smiling for Sales

  • Makes others perceive you as more relaxed, attractive, warm
  • Makes others more likely to believe you’re a nice person
  • Makes other more likely to comply with your requests

These lists are FAR from complete. The related links below run through more – and provide more scientific context.

The point is that you should smile more oftenin person and in video. It’s a healthy habit.


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