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Last Updated April 13th, 2018

Let’s go all the way back to February 28th, 2018, the opening general session of RE/MAX R4 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It’s 8:00am and marketing mastermind Gary Vaynerchuk is about to take the stage. Seated in the first two rows, many of our BombBomb sales and marketing team members await some words of wisdom from this legendary entrepreneur. And I’m not going to lie to you, many of our those members are major Gary Vee fans, so they were very excited at this moment.

Me on the other hand … to be completely honest, didn’t follow Gary on social media and hadn’t read any of his books until this week (the last week of March). But I was tasked with creating a new piece of content from the speech that Gary delivered, so I was ready to see what all the hype was about. I was ready to learn extremely tangible tips that I could take back to my job at BombBomb. Strategies that would help me beat this current Facebook Algorithm, really hone in on my content production and social media skills.

Gary did give us tips. He gave us tiny nuggets of wisdom, tough love, and motivation. And if you were inspired by his speech as many people were, you should have taken it upon yourself to read his latest book, Crushing It, in order to get the tangible examples I myself had been craving.

In the blog post below, I’ve pulled some of my favorite quotes from Gary, as well as the best tips that I could find relevant to our BombBomb audience from his latest book, Crushing It.

Gary Vee at R4


How Gary Vaynerchuk Runs His Marketing and How You Can Run Yours


Create Pillar & Ancillary Content

Gary recommends starting a weekly audio podcast that explores daily living in your city. Through something like this, you will be able to grow your presence in the community. We have featured Real Estate Agents on the BombCast who do weekly community videos to help establish themselves as local experts. During R4 Gary said, “What happens in real estate, which is what happens in so many other industries, is we default into selling too much and not enough into branding.” The goal is to build your brand with this pillar content.

At BombBomb, we have our pillar content (the BombCast) and I sometimes have a hard time creating smaller bits of content from that major piece. But Gary’s tips on this subject have helped me. If you’re interviewing someone on your podcast and they give out an exciting fact, create a post just (ancillary content) on that one fact, and make sure that you link back to your original pillar content when you do so.

We recently had a guest on the BombCast, Craig Veroni, who briefly touched on Facebook Dark Posts. We took that small nugget of advice and are now creating an entire video and blog post around this topic. Using big pieces of content to create more content is the key!


2 Create a Facebook Ad on a Limited Budget

Gary says, “Facebook has almost 2 billion monthly active users, more than half of whom use it daily.” With stats like this, it’s crazy NOT to use Facebook and, more specifically, Facebook Ads. According to Aggregate, “You can actually get results with even a $10 campaign budget.” Though you’ll have to invest a good amount of time to create effective Facebook Ads, you don’t necessarily have to invest tons of money. Check out these 10 Rules for Low-budget Facebook Campaigns.

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

  • Who is the proper audience for this ad? When setting up a Facebook ad, you have the ability to target a very specific audience. Hosting an open house? You can specifically target people who live in the same area as your open house. Selling a home that would really appeal to people in their early 20s? You can target certain age groups with your listing ad according to your ideal buyer. Here is a great article for figuring out your target audience: How to Refine Your Facebook Audience for Better Ad Targeting
  • How long should I run my ad? This can be a tricky one if you’re just getting started with Facebook ads and it might be helpful to try a couple of different lengths to see what works best with your audience. If you aren’t seeing ad results after a week, you might want to consider only running your ads for a few days at a time. It’s all about testing things out to see what’s best for your business.

Gary Vee speaking at R4


3 Try Your Hand at Facebook Live

In Crushing It, Gary reminds us that Facebook Live is no easy task. “It takes enormous skill to captivate an audience enough to disrupt their routine at the moment you want their attention.” It’s key to talk on subjects you have expertise in. It’s also important to aim for the goal of providing some sort of value to the potential viewers.

Mediakix says “Facebook Live Videos are watched 3x longer than videos that aren’t live anymore.” This is a great opportunity to not only grow your following, but to catch their attention – and keep it! Along with that, “Users comment on Facebook Live Videos at 10x the rate of regular videos.” Facebook Live is amazing for driving engagement and interaction. It would be a major waste to not use it in your business. To hear our tips on how to create a successful Facebook Live series, click here.


4 Join as Many Facebook Communities as You Can

It is evident in Crushing It! that Gary is all about Facebook Live. The more of a presence you create on Facebook, the better. This is where Facebook groups can be incredibly helpful. You can even join groups that are made up of your ideal customers. When you’re apart of communities like these, you have the opportunity to start conversations and answer questions. You also have the opportunity to build your brand and market yourself!

If you have enough of a following, you can even start your own Facebook community by creating groups around your brand. Here at BombBomb we have two Facebook groups that I manage daily – Prompt by BombBomb and BombBomb Real Estate Mastermind. In these groups people can also establish themselves as an industry leader by answering questions and sharing their expertise.

Real Estate Agent Sue Benson touched on Facebook communities while talking with us on the BombCast. In our blog recap I wrote, “You don’t have to have a great community page to see great engagement! Sue states that even creating a page for a passion can be a benefit to your business – whether your passion is for local sports team, animal or even Disney.” She suggests creating a Facebook group for fellow fans like yourself and going live there.” Connecting with like-minded people is a great way to grow your business.


5 Document Everything

Gary Vees so called “biggest tip when it comes to content creation” is Document. Don’t create. Constant content creation can be a struggle which is why Gary suggests we simply document our every day lives. You can always be filming what’s going on or always be writing things down. Some good examples of this are people who document their learning process or people who bring you along with them on their journey – through documentation.

Why do people enjoy watching documentaries so much? Because they are real and true – they aren’t people making things up.  Gary says, “Think about it: you can ponder about the strategy behind every post and fabricate yourself into this “influential person”…or you can just be yourself.” You can read more about Gary Vee’s documentation process here: Document, Don’t Create: Creating Content That Builds Your Personal Brand

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In case you haven’t read Crushing It! yet…




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