The 3 Cs That Make or Break the SDR Experience

Last Updated January 26th, 2021

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Imagine you’re a new sales development representative (SDR), and your manager’s expectation is some variation of “Shut up and dial.” As that SDR reaches out to your prospects, the experience on the other end of the line is going to be less than exceptional, don’t you think?

The SDR and business development representative (BDR) roles — while still seen as entry-level — have become quite sophisticated as the buying experience has evolved. And in order to build trusting relationships land promising meetings, we’ve got to stop measuring success by activity volume alone.

The moments our BDRs and SDRs are creating in many ways define the customer experience (CX) right from the start. And an exceptional employee experience is a necessary precursor to an excpetional customer experience, so these critical sales team members need their three Cs fulfilled: career, compensation, and culture.

Today’s guest on The Customer Experience Podcast, Ernest Owusu, leads his team of SDRs on the notion that they should only be contacting the people who actually want to talk to them. No forms, no cold-calling, and no spam (really!).

A lot of what he has learned about being a great sales development leader has come from being a part of a team for most of his life. As a retired NFL defensive end, he’s putting his grit and growth mindset to good use in sales.

Ernest is leveraging his experience as a professional athlete in his role as Senior Director of Sales Development at 6sense. He teaches sellers potent prospecting tactics that generate meetings and he educates sales and marketing leaders on the specific areas of focus for leading sales development organizations.

He also advises executives on what they need to do to build and scale a world-class sales development team.

In this conversation, Ernest shares insights into…

What to look for in your new SDR hires
Why the SDR and BDR role has evolved into a consulting role
What three Cs SDRs and BDRs need to thrive in their roles
Why activity volume shouldn’t define an SDRs success
How to achieve approachable creativity with video


The 3 Cs That Make or Break the SDR Experience

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Listen to the entire conversation with Ernest Owusu of 6sense right here:

Listen to “118. The 3 C’s That Make or Break the SDR Experience w/ Ernest Owusu” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: The 3 Cs That Make or Break the SDR Experience

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Ernest Owusu of 6sense below…


1. What To Look For In SDRs



2. Entry-Level, But Mini-Consultants



3. The 3 Cs: Career, Culture, Compensation



4. Compensation for Quantity AND for Quality



5. Approachable Creativity with Video



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