B2B Sales Prospecting Software: 30 Must-Have Tools to Win Today

Last Updated June 3rd, 2021

The uphill climb towards the win is the hardest and the most rewarding part of sales. And just like any extreme undertaking, you need the right tools to succeed. With the best B2B sales prospecting software in your tech stack, you’ll be able to work smarter and win more. Like your sales strategy itself, your tools should continually evolve and allow you to spend more time and energy on the things that matter most during your climb — growing your pipeline, building relationships with your prospects, and generating wins.

There are thousands of sales tools at your fingertips. But searching through long lists of what’s out there and hoping that you find what works isn’t enough. You need the right B2B prospecting tools that will actually help you sell more.

B2B sales prospecting software

Our Sales team at BombBomb knows a thing or two about sales software. In fact, BombBomb Sales Business Development Manager Devon Bridges and BombBomb Director of Sales Dan Hawkins regularly demo new products and update their tech to keep chasing wins. So keep reading for a scalable list of their favorite tools that’ll make your sequences more manageable, your plays seamless, and help you close more deals today.

B2B Sales Prospecting Software — Must-Haves for Sales

Below you’ll find a list of 30 must-have B2B sales prospecting software for your tech stack. We know a list of 30 tools seems long, so if you don’t want to read the entire list, we’ve broken it down into categories to make finding exactly what you need even easier.

Communication and Messaging Tools: Connect with your prospects
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools: Manage your entire pipeline as it continues to grow
Engagement Tools: Streamline your sales process
Sales Intelligence and Intent Tools: Use data to drive your pipeline
Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Tools: Identify and market to the right prospects
Coaching Tools: Get feedback on sales calls and learn to close more deals

Communication and Messaging Tools

1. Qualified

Exclusively designed for Salesforce users, Qualified is a conversational marketing platform that connects sales professionals with leads on their website in real-time. Qualified offers prospecting tools like live chat, chatbots, voice calls, and screen sharing. And in addition, Qualified uses data from Salesforce to maximize the potential of conversations with identified prospects on their website. With high-tech Salesforce integrated analytics, the reports can be marginally tricky to navigate. But they offer an in-depth view of conversation engagement, sales rep performance, and more so that teams understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to make the most of every opportunity.

2. Olark

Olark is a cloud-based, live chat software that enables direct website communication. And not only does it facilitate web communication, but it also saves every chat conversation with the option of searchable transcripts. This makes it easy for reps to reference previous conversations. As a result, they can leverage information from those conversations when engaging prospects. Users might desire more robust metrics, but Olark offers real-time data that analyzes the busiest chat times and most effective reps to help users get the most out of their chats.

3. Truly

Sales is a fast-paced environment. And reps like you don’t have the time to execute each task manually. Truly is a sales communication platform with features like click-to-call, call notes and recording, voicemail drop, and more. With Truly, sales professionals can engage prospects at every touchpoint without disrupting their workflow to input communication data manually. Truly also analyzes sales metrics with artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, it updates a user’s chosen customer relationship management (CRM) tool for comprehensive, real-time activity reporting. What it lacks in heavy features, it makes up for in ease-of-use, allowing users to onboard themselves and get started in less than a day.

4. Freshchat

Freshchat is a customer messaging software by Freshworks that offers continuous communication on multiple channels and platforms (like web, mobile, Facebook Messenger). Freshchat helps qualify leads, takes tickets, and evenly distributes leads throughout a sales team. If users aren’t familiar with the mobile setup, chats can initially lag. But once they’ve had some practice, it’s easy to get up-to-speed. In addition, Freshchat has integrations with CRM software, like Salesforce and Hubspot, making it easy for teams to add to their workflow.

5. BombBomb

Want to communicate with prospects in a more human-centered way that truly resonates with them? BombBomb is for you. BombBomb is a video messaging software that allows sales professionals to communicate in a more human-centered way. With BombBomb, users can record, send, and track video messages that convey the empathy, humanity, and personality necessary to develop and cultivate relationships with prospects. In addition, it also has key integrations with platforms like Salesforce to make it effortless to use throughout the entire sales process. And while BombBomb doesn’t provide scripts as a means of preserving the authenticity of video messaging, they offer extensive guidance, training, and resources to equip users with the knowledge to be successful.

6. Zoom

From time to time, you need to meet your prospect in person. But people are busy! Zoom allows users to host virtual meetings, chats, webinars, and conferences without taking up too much of anyone’s valuable time. With Zoom, sales reps can get face to face with their prospects to cover complex topics (like product demos) to make them easier to understand. And while sometimes it’s hard to book meetings or get people on a call due to busy schedules, overall, Zoom provides an easy-to-use platform for those crucial one-on-one interactions that continuously drive sales.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

7. Salesforce

The most effective sales pros are extremely well-organized. Salesforce is the B2B sales prospecting software tool that makes optimum organization possible. With Salesforce, reps can organize and store all of the critical data from an entire pipeline in one place. As a result, reps can double down on sales efforts with readily available insights and an easy-to-navigate dashboard. In addition, it offers the ultimate customization for every sales team’s unique needs. With its AI-powered automation feature, Einstein, teams have access to AI-generated next steps and recommendations throughout a sequence. Because it’s cloud-based and so feature-heavy, Salesforce requires high internet speed. This can make remote usage tricky. To sum up, as your pipeline grows, the sales prospecting tools you need to manage it have to grow, too. And that’s where Salesforce comes in to give you everything you need to win in one place.

8. Hubspot

Manage your pipeline and track leads from outreach through close all in one place with Hubspot. Hubspot is a CRM tool designed to help sales reps improve performance and productivity through data storage and management. With Hubspot, users can quickly sort and keep tabs on deal progress, communication, appointments, and more. And while it may not be suitable for extremely large teams who need advanced customization, it offers customizable workflows that include automation. It also helps users manage sequences all from one dashboard. Hubspot’s easy-to-use interface and appealing design make it a great sales prospecting tool.

9. Active Campaign

Automating as much of your sales process as possible allows you to spend less time on manual tasks and more time on things that matter — like relationship building and pipeline growth. Active Campaign is a sales CRM and automation tool in one. And while it may be lesser-known for its sales CRM than the more prominent players in the game, its automation capabilities are exceptional. For instance, Active Campaign offers automated lead prioritization, contact management, and segmentation to help reps determine the best time and way to connect with leads. In addition, it has automated task assignments and sales routing to guarantee teams are always on the same page. Active Campaign also has over 850 app integrations, allowing users to easily incorporate it into their workflow using the tools they’re most familiar with.

10. Dynamics 365 Sales

Designed with Outlook users in mind, Dynamic 365 Sales is Microsoft’s CRM sales software solution. Dynamic works inside the Microsoft tools reps are already using to streamline research, track customers, connect team data, and help determine the next best steps in a sequence. And while it isn’t suited for use outside of Microsoft, but Dynamic connects data across LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft 365 programs to give reps and teams one location to optimize sales operations.

Engagement Tools

11. Salesloft

SalesLoft turns data into an automated, easy-to-follow cadence. SalesLoft guides users through a series of multi-channel touches based on specific data like job roles and deal stages. While it isn’t known for maximum personalization, reps do have the option to customize and personalize touchpoints (such as emails at scale) to build better relationships with prospects. SalesLoft also offers deal intelligence, forecasting, and sales opportunity management that make it a well-rounded and highly functional sales prospecting tool.

12. Xant Playbooks

Do you have a high-volume pipeline? Xant Playbooks has you covered. Xant Playbooks is a newer but highly-rated playbook automation tool designed for organizing and tracking prospecting sequences in high-volume pipelines. And taking it one step further, Xant ensures reps are connected with the right people at the right time by recommending additional contacts and touchpoints throughout a sequence based on data. And while some users report they’d like the option to see future tasks, the ease of creating and organizing different plays for every campaign and tracking follow-ups with every contact in a large pipeline make it highly effective.

13. Outreach

Outreach offers lead campaign automation, conversion intelligence, prospect analysis, and performance reporting. It allows reps to manage prospecting activities and campaigns from one central location. The tool also collects and analyzes data to equip users with the detailed prospect information they need to keep deals on track. While it may not have extensive filters, Outreach is a solid all-in-one prospecting tool to increase productivity through automation and generate more deals through data leverage.

14. RingDNA

You need the right actionable metrics at your fingertips to make fast decisions during a sales sequence. RingDNA can help make this happen. RingDNA offers highly-rated, deep data and AI insights for playbook execution and performance. While it doesn’t automate text sequences for new leads without rep action, it has conversational intelligence that automates scheduling, voicemail, and local dialing (including conversational intelligence for Zoom). In addition, RingDNA helps reps save critical time by automatically entering all of these details into Salesforce.

15. Conquer

It’s no secret that person-centered selling wins. With the sales engagement tool, Conquer, users can create an omnichannel, person-centered selling experience to help drive pipeline, book meetings, and win more. Conquer boasts a sales cadence builder with a drag-and-drop visual builder that enables the quick design of sales cadences. As a result, reps connect with prospects at the right touchpoints throughout their buying journey. In addition, Conquer offers guided selling with call scripts, templates, and prescribed touchpoints to help reps optimize cadences. And while some users report that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates and features lag behind those of Salesforce, Conquer offers relatively seamless integrations with both CRMs.

16. Groove

The tools in your tech stack should work together seamlessly to make your job easier. Groove is designed to work alongside Salesforce to do just that. It operates with real-time data from Salesforce to organize workflows, assign tasks, and create multi-step touchpoints within teams through email, calls, LinkedIn messages, and more. What it lacks in initial ease of use, Groove makes up for by taking sales engagement and Salesforce integration one step further by giving users the capability to view and edit Salesforce records, access LinkedIn data, and update Flows all from one inbox.

Sales Intelligence and Intent Tools

17. Clearbit

Want to know more about who’s on your website and why? Clearbit helps businesses take the anonymity out of website visitors to gain a better understanding of their incoming traffic. With Clearbit, users can create entire company profiles from their website traffic. In addition, it signals users when target accounts show intent in real-time. This allows reps to personalize the web experience while users are engaged on their website. Although Clearbit may not offer instant verification of data, its in-depth verification process more than makes up for this fact because it pulls so much information to help complete accurate and helpful company profiles.

18. Seamless.AI

Seamless.AI provides users with abundant sales lead data such as contact information and decision-maker details for successful outbound sequences. And while there are limits to leads displayed per results page and the number of contacts integrated into a CRM at once, Seamless.AI does exactly what it says it will with easy-to-find data for efficient and accurate prospecting.

19. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Get the most out of LinkedIn to expand your connections and build your pipeline with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator connects sales professionals with the best prospects for their company. It allows reps to find new connections and leads with detailed profile data and advanced search options. In addition, the tool also provides a space for reps to contact prospects without connecting first with InMail. The InMail component of Sales Navigator has monthly capacity limitations (which can make cold email prospecting in large quantities difficult). But it makes up for this in the sheer volume of prospective connections and leads that reps stand to gain. (It just may take more time to reach them all.)

20. Bombora

Knowing who’s ready to buy and precisely what they’re searching for is key to setting up a personalized sequence that leads to more wins. Intent-based B2B sales prospecting software, Bombora can help you do just that. Bombora collects data and identifies what businesses are searching for. Then, they use this data to connect sales teams with targets who are readily in need of the solution that their specific product(s) can provide. In addition, Bombora scores the searches and the intensity of search efforts to help sales teams identify and prioritize the best prospects who are most likely to make a purchase. The data collection of new search topics can take time, but it makes for higher report accuracy and better, more specific results.

21. Zoom Info

Zoom Info gives users accurate, in-depth data for scoring leads, prospecting, and creating targeted outreach campaigns. It also offers sales professionals real-time visibility into website visitors, allowing them to prioritize leads and outreach activities based on intent data. The immense amount of data ZoomInfo has on contacts can be overwhelming. But if you’re trying to gain a deeper understanding of your prospects to build rapport and personalize campaigns to win more new customers, it does precisely what it says it will.

22. Leadfeeder

To be successful in sales, you have to fill your pipeline with high-quality prospects. Leadfeeder can assist you in making this a reality. Leadfeeder helps sales professionals fill their pipelines with high-intent prospects who are already visiting their websites. With Leadfeeder, companies can turn anonymous traffic into usable data. By the time reps reach out for that first touch, they already know what solution their prospect is looking for and what products they’re interested in for in-depth personalization. And while Leadfeeder can’t analyze every visitor, it has a unique database of static and dynamic internet protocol addresses, which helps minimize the difficulty of identifying remote employees.

Account-Based Marekting (ABM) Tools

23. Terminus

Are you looking to get the most out of potential opportunities for sales and marketing? Terminus may be the tool you’re looking for. Terminus brings marketing and sales together to leverage opportunities based on responses to marketing campaigns and subsequent engagement and interest. Terminus has many features, but one of its most beneficial is the ability to help marketers understand how likely an opportunity is to buy in. With Terminus, marketers can distinguish genuine interest and alert sales teams to engage these specific opportunities. Then, based on historical relationship patterns recognized by Terminus, sales reps can grow their pipeline with the most qualified leads.

24. Madison Logic

The best ABM software should make coordinating marketing and sales efforts seamless, and Madison Logic does just that. Through data analysis, Madison Logic helps marketers get the most out of their top-account campaigns. This drives the best opportunities towards sales pipelines with personalized content at every stage of the buying journey. Madison Logic also helps marketers provide essential data to sales reps to help them determine when to contact prospects through data-driven outreach. The user interface isn’t as intuitive as other ABM platforms, but overall, Madison Logic delivers reliable and valuable software to help marketing and sales nurture the right leads all the way to the win.

25. Triblio

Triblio unifies marketing funnels and sales pipelines in one place. Triblio allows users to combine advertising and sales activities across multiple channels. With AI, Triblio users can also coordinate marketing and sales efforts with intent data to optimize the entire process. While the interface can be slightly confusing initially, Triblio’s customer success managers reportedly go above and beyond during the onboarding process (and after) to ensure users have success.

26. Demandbase

Demandbase offers real-time and AI data that enables users to get the most out of their marketing strategy across multiple channels. Demandbase also gives marketers a central location to view all sales and marketing activity. This makes it easy to understand and communicate next steps with sales teams. Analytics aren’t as in-depth as some users would prefer, but that doesn’t stop Demandbase from helping marketing and sales teams target the right data-backed opportunities successfully with this all-in-one ABM tool.

Coaching Tools

27. Chorus.ai

One of the most effective ways to generate more wins is to listen to your own recordings. Chorus.ai helps make that happen. Chorus.ai is a conversational intelligence platform. It records calls and videos and transcribes them in real-time. With it, sales reps can use accurate conversation data to follow up on what techniques worked and get feedback from leadership on what can be improved. And while some users have reported that it doesn’t always connect, the manual connection option ensures that Chorus.ai is always available when reps are ready to connect with their prospects.

28. Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that automatically captures phone, web conferencing, and email interactions between sales reps and prospects. Using AI, it understands the context of conversations and helps mitigate risks in the user’s pipeline to close deals better, faster, and more often. Gong also assesses performance with data and shares it across teams. As a result, this might make some reps slightly uncomfortable. But with this data, leaders have the right tools and insight to coach everyone through the prospecting sequence all the way to the win.

29. Wingman

Sales coaching software, Wingman gives sales professionals suggestions and cues in real-time to help keep conversations on track. Wingman joins calls, and through AI analysis, provides cues to help sales reps navigate things like questions and objections. In addition, it has a nudge feature that encourages them to match a prospect’s rate of speech by talking less and listening more after they’ve been speaking for too long. If you’re looking for accurate call transcripts, this may not be the sales prospecting tool for you. But if real-time coaching is your focus, Wingman does it well.

30. Ambition

Ambition is a B2B sales prospecting software that focuses on the coaching aspect of the sales game. With Ambition, managers can help reps maximize sales efforts with data to hit more targets with one-to-one coaching, scorecards, goal setting, action plans, and more. Data may take some time to load, but managers use it to customize company-specific metrics once it does. Then, managers can display these metrics on central dashboards (or even TVs), Slack, and email to trigger immediate action that will help reps hit targets and succeed quickly.

Put These Sales Tools to the Test

Now that you know what B2B sales prospecting software you need in your tech stack to win — don’t stop here!

Put the best sales tools to the test, starting with BombBomb. Video communication can revolutionize the way you sell with human-centered communication. Check out “Video Prospecting 101” to learn how.

Still not sure? Request a demo today and see if BombBomb is the right solution for you.

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