About Alli Tunell

Writing, editing, marketing, social, public relations. Creator of content and lover of baby animals. Background in food and beverage marketing, but proud to now be a woman in tech. Content Marketing Manager, BombBomb. BS, Arizona State University. MPS, the University of Denver.
Hack Week

BombBomb Hack Week 2019

In early May, our development team took a week off from their normal priorities to work on their passion projects. This specific week is called “Hack Week.” It allows our... read more
Office, behind the scenes

The BombCom – Our Office Mockumentary

This past summer, the BombBomb Headquarters in Colorado Springs were completely renovated to make room for future hires after major company growth. BombBomb began renovations in late July and completed... read more
real estate CRM, sales software, real estate, real estate technology

Finding the Right Real Estate CRM

A real estate CRM is at the heart of any successful real estate business. Choosing the right real estate CRM for you and your business is one of the most... read more