Need to Apologize? Send a Video [A $45,000 Example]

Last Updated February 19th, 2017

As in all aspects of our lives, we make mistakes in business. To recover and move forward, we apologize.

See a video example that won real estate agent “Super” Mike Minervini of RE/MAX Generations in Red Bank, New Jersey $45,000 in sales commissions and hear the story in his own words.

Learn how a sincere apology benefits you, the person receiving it, and your relationship moving forward.

Read time: 3 minutes, 40 seconds
Video apology length: 30 seconds
Video story length: 2 minutes, 35 seconds
Takeaway: If you can’t apologize in person, send a video to apologize so your sincerity comes through.


Send a Video to Apologize: The $45,000 Example

Click the video thumbnail below to see Mike’s apology video.

In this 30 second video, Mike looks his clients in the eyes and says “I just want to apologize again for the miscommunication.”

They were expecting to meet him in person for a listing presentation, but he was at RE/MAX R4, a real estate conference in Las Vegas. When the appointment was set, he intended it for the next week, but the clients understood it as this week.

In his video, Mike:

  • acknowledged the miscommunication
  • apologized twice
  • confirmed the correct day and time
  • promised specific value in the upcoming appointment
  • closed with a smile

And he’d already apologized by phone.

Simple, clear, and sincere – this iPhone video was the most effective means of apology available to him, since he couldn’t apologize in person.


The $45,000 in Sales Commissions

Though his “upset and aggravated” clients “reluctantly” kept the appointment by phone, his apology by video sealed the deal.

After the listing presentation the following week, his clients told him that “the only reason” they kept the appointment and decided to list with him was “the follow up video.”

From there, Mike and his team:

  • Listed their property for sale
  • Brought the buyer to their sale
  • Sold them new construction

The result: “commissions totaling $45,000 from that video.”

Hear Mike tell the story in his own words by clicking the video thumbnail below.


The Benefits of an Apology

When we apologize, we release any guilt or shame we may feel for the error. We humble ourselves. And we’re less likely to repeat the mistake.

When we apologize, the recipients empathize with us and begin to forgive the error. They move past the mistake and stop dwelling in the past.

A sincere apology provides a path forward – in business and in life.

If you’d like to go deeper into the psychology, here are a few stories:
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Send a Video to Apologize

We’ve all seen the “sorry/not sorry” press conference from the politician, celebrity, or athlete who’s made a mistake. They’re reading scripted words and don’t seem to truly be sorry. No regret. No humility.

We’ve also seen sincere apologies under those circumstances. As fellow human beings and as social creatures, we can easily tell the difference.

The words we say are only part of any piece of communication. How we say them adds significant meaning and value. The eye contact. The body language. It all works together.

This is why it’s important to apologize in person. But we can’t always be there in person.

Sending a video to apologize is the next best thing. Your face, voice, tone, sincerity, and remorse come though far better than if you communicated through typed out text or even by phone.


The next time you’re involved in a mistake or an error, apologize in a simple video.

I do it regularly and it always seems to defuse the situation and create a path forward.


Top 10 Times Video Says It Better Than Typed-Out Text

Bad news and apologies are one of the top 10 times video says it better for you than plain, typed-out text.

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A Super Thank You to Super Mike

Thank you to Mike Minervini of Team Super Mike with RE/MAX Generations in Red Bank, New Jersey. We appreciate you sharing your story with us and admire your approach to service and sales!


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