Announcing our Brand New Product – Be There.

Last Updated March 31st, 2018

Simply click here to submit your first Be There video.

At BombBomb, we’re constantly pushing the envelope with new designs, and product updates to help our customers earn more business through rehumanizing their communication.

For years we’ve been doing this with one-to-one video communication. Allowing our customers to be there in person, even when they can’t be. But we wanted to take this one step further. We wanted to take what we learned from disruptive companies like Uber and Netflix, and bring you a completely new product that will revolutionize your marketing efforts, and leave a lasting impression on your clients for years to come.

Now – we’re giving you the opportunity to have a personal representative deliver your message in person when you can’t with our latest product – Be There.

We’ve brought on tens of thousands of representatives, many in a city near you, to help us deliver your message with the exact sincerity and professionalism you exude yourself.

Simply record your Be There video on your smartphone or laptop, and submit it for us to review. Within seconds you will be connected with a Personal Representative in your area. Then using our app, you will be able to see the live delivery of your message, so you can know exactly how it was received.

We’ll even take this process one step further by sending you follow-up recommendations, allowing you to understand exactly how and when you should reconnect with each client.

“Be There” is the future of business communication. And because we are so thankful for our BombBomb customers, and their loyalty, we have decided to activate a two-week free trial of our brand new product in all user accounts today. That’s right, for the next 14 day, all of your videos will be delivered by a real person on your behalf.

Simply click here to submit your first Be There video.



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