Alex McFadyen Talks Personal Branding and Content Creation

Last Updated July 25th, 2018

In the past few years, personal branding has become a major initiative for many business owners as people strive to differentiate themselves from their competition. There are now tons of articles and blog posts on how to perfect your own personal brand.

We recently had Alex McFadyen on the BombCast to talk to us on the topic of content creation and personal branding. Alex has been building up his personal brand – The Mortgage Pug. He is consistent with this branding, using the same look and feel on all of his social channels and website. Because his business can sometimes be a bit stressful, choosing to brand his company with his pug helped ease their anxiety around applying for a mortgage. So despite a pug and a mortgage business seeming like an unlikely duo – this branding decisions has worked in his favor!

We asked Alex a few questions to dive deeper into his strategy.

Tell us about your brand and how you’ve branded yourself

Alex said he started off asking himself, “How can I be different?” As a Mortgage Professional, it’s easy to get lost amongst the competition so Alex wanted to differentiate himself. He started just looking at his life and realized that people often asked about his pug, Ernie. Alex says, “It’s important to show some sign of who you are in your brand.” His pet pugs were important to him and so The Mortgage Pug brand began and Ernie became the face.

When it comes to creating a personal brand, Alex had some great advice, “You could pretty much start a brand with almost anything as long as you’re true to it and it’s true to who you are.” It’s as simple as that! Start looking at your life and see what’s important to you.

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Tell us a little bit about your content process

So you’ve figured out your brand. Now it’s time to start pushing out content that is consistent with your brand. Alex starts off saying he adjusts his content process all the time. He also mentions how he uses video so many different ways in his content strategy. Here are some of the main types of videos content that Alex says he’s getting out there.

Alex McFadyen Quote

If you’re just starting to get content out there, Alex says it’s smart to start off with something simple that you can do consistently. You can learn more from our other Mortgage Video Influencers here: Top 5 Mortgage Marketing Video Influencers – All Around Category 



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