A Comprehensive Guide to Prospecting Videos

Last Updated February 26th, 2020

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Prospecting is hard – there’s no point in sugarcoating it. Every day you’re dealing with ignored cold outreach emails, appointment no-shows, and little opportunity for the face-to-face interactions needed to close deals. But prospecting videos change that.

Video prospecting puts a real person right in your recipient’s email, phone or social networking inbox. That’s hard to scroll away from.

It allows you to really foster strong relationships with prospects. This is essential in building trust and helping them believe in the product or service you’re selling.

Using video in sales is easy, and it can be incorporated into so many key points of the prospecting stage.

So, if it isn’t a part of your sales prospecting techniques already, it needs to be.

1. Get More Replies To Your Cold Outreach

Competitors will inevitably be targeting the same prospects you are. And it’s a fierce battle to win them over.

Because of this, there’s a good chance they’re swarmed with plain-text prospecting emails with similar messaging. These messages are too impersonal and easy to ignore.

And merely adding in your prospects’ names, titles and companies to these emails doesn’t count as personalization.

Prospects respond better to genuine “in-person” interactions. This is something only video can offer without being physically present in your conversations with potential clients.

In fact, the science of video backs this up. Research indicates that oxytocin – the chemical of bonding and connection emitted by touch and eye contact – is also produced via video.

Sending one-to-one cold outreach prospecting videos differentiates you. It sets up a path to meaningful conversations.

And the relationships built as a result will garner the “know, like and trust” needed to make the sale.

Best Practices for Cold Outreach Sales Prospecting Videos: 

Make the most of your animated preview – Some video email providers will convert the first few seconds of video files into animated previews (or GIFs) that play within the email itself.

The more customized they are to your prospects, the better. It’s proof they are not just another number to meet quotas.

This personalization can be something as simple as writing their name or drawing their company logo on a whiteboard.

Keep it simple – Make sure your video messages are short and concise. You need to get to the point in under 60 seconds. Because at this point in the game, you haven’t established a connection yet.

See these best practices in action in the following cold outreach video email…


2. Clearly Demonstrate Your Product Benefit

After prospects watch your cold outreach videos, they will have questions. They’ve heard the highlights of what your business can do for theirs, but they’ll want to see it in action.

A product overview sales video allows you to do that for them. Sure, it’s easy to share these prospecting videos on YouTube. But you risk content getting lost or the platform potentially recommending a competitor’s video.

Video emails, however, reach people on an individual level – making them an ideal way to showcase what your product has to offer each prospect personally.

Best Practices for Product Overview Videos:

Make these videos personalized experiences – Instead of telling prospects why your product is a good fit for them, show them. A screen recorder is a great tool for this.

Demonstrate how your product can work specifically for them. Show them how it’ll facilitate their workflow. And point out the features that will be most beneficial to their success.

Your product overview video should essentially be an abbreviated demo tailored to each individual prospect.

If individual videos are not an option, pre-record instead – You’ll sometimes be too busy to send one-to-one video emails, and that’s OK.

Upload pre-recorded product overviews to reach more potential customers in less time. If your video email software has tracking capabilities, you’ll be able to monitor engagement and follow up accordingly.

Play the clip below to see a great one-to-one product overview video email example…


3. Set More Appointments With Your Prospects

It’s hard enough to get a hold of prospects, let alone have them commit time to meet with you.

People are busy. And finding a date and time in their already packed schedules is hard to do with a traditional email. Ultimately, it’ll lead to a lot of back and forth, and then nothing happens.

But while setting appointments can be hard, it’s not impossible. You just need to go about it a better way

Using video in sales minimizes the potential for miscommunication in the appointment setting process. It allows you to explain why prospects would benefit from scheduling an appointment while inviting them to do so at their convenience (not yours).

The communication is clearer, your team members are able to express how much they value the time of their prospects, and all the frustration in between is eliminated.

So, those calendars will be filled with demos in no time.

Best Practices for Appointment Setting Video Emails: 

Make sure your call-to-action is clear – Include a clear call-to-action in your video emails for recipients to easily schedule an appointment with you.

You can do this by directing them right to your calendar link.

Gratitude goes a long way – Your prospects are busy people who are setting everything aside to hear what your business has to offer. You need to grant them the same respect.

A simple “thank you” helps you stay top of mind to get those appointments set.

Watch one of our customers, Elyse, incorporate all of this to set an appointment with a client with video below…


4. Increase Meeting and Demo Show Rates

The time for the appointment gets here. You’ve set aside everything for it, and are eagerly awaiting the call.

Time passes. No response. Then the frustration ensues because you know the meeting is not going to happen.

No-shows happen a lot. And after they occur, these prospects typically vanish. It’s almost impossible to get in touch with them again.

So, before it gets to this point, you need to be sending meeting confirmation video emails.

These sales prospecting videos give people an extra reminder and encourage them to actually show up to the demo.

Best Practices for Meeting Confirmation Videos:

Send videos 24 hours before the meeting –  Meeting confirmation videos should be sent at least 24 hours in advance.

That way prospects don’t accidentally schedule something else in place of it, or forget to show up.

Use a whiteboard in animated previews – It’s a good idea to incorporate a whiteboard with the date and time of meetings in animated previews.

Recipients will see it, even if they don’t watch the video. So, it’s a nice, quick reminder.

This date and time should also be in the text of your email, so they don’t miss it.

Thank your client for setting an appointment and share next steps – Again, your prospects are taking valuable time out of their busy lives to meet with you. Show them that you sincerely appreciate that.

“Thank you,” needs to be one of the first things you say in your meet confirmation videos.

Then, share next steps, so people know what to expect going into the demo.

See how Keegan did this during his time at Outreach in this video prospecting example…


5. Achieve Smoother AE Handoffs

You’ve worked diligently to build relationships with ideal prospects. But now comes the time to hand off these clients to account executives.

Prospects are already used to working with you, as they’ve been communicating with you for so long. So, it’s important to make this transition as smooth as possible.

AE handoff videos ensure this is the case. It gives the customer an opportunity to get to know the person they’ll be working with from now on, so they aren’t blindsided by their next interaction.

Best Practices for an AE Handoff Video Email:

Work together – Join forces with your AEs to create these videos. You can make a video email where you’re on camera together for the AE introduction.

Or you can send individual videos where you first introduce the AE, and then the AE reaches out with a separate intro.

CC the AE in the video email – CC your AEs on these video emails. That way they know when to follow up with a more personal video message.

The following video prospecting email example incorporates all of this into the perfect AE handoff…


Bonus: Make Real Connection with LinkedIn Connections

If you’re struggling to hear back from target prospects, you may not be reaching them in the right channel.

Consider adopting a multi-channel prospecting approach with video to stand out in different preferred platforms, especially on LinkedIn.

But for LinkedIn prospecting videos to work, it’s wise to tread carefully. As you start prospecting on LinkedIn, remember that people go to the platform for networkingnot a sales pitch.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Prospecting Videos:

•  Build relationships first – Use caution when video prospecting on LinkedIn. You SHOULD NOT be going straight for the sales pitch when reaching out to people on the platform.

You must build these relationships first. Thank prospects for the LinkedIn connection, introduce yourself, and ask more about them.

Then, once you establish a meaningful connection, you can go for the sale.

The LinkedIn prospecting video below is a great example to get you started…


Add Prospecting Videos into Your Sales Sequences

Now that you’ve learned the best ways to implement video in your prospecting, we want to help you put it all in action.

We’ve put together two sales sequences for you to use below. They each encompass a different length sales cycle.

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